Friday, May 27, 2016

friday favorites // target edition

It's no secret that my girls and I love Target. We are there at least once, sometimes three times a week. My girls look forward to getting out of the house for our coffee and chocolate milk dates. Jules likes to walk around and helps me pick out all the "cute" stuff, like shopkins and my little ponies, and those dreaded character tees. Here's a super quick round up of my current Friday favorites, target edition.

My whole house is pretty much all Nate Berkus. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm hands down his number one fan. I have a couple of pieces from every single collection he's had at target and this new rug of his is #1 on my "need" list right now. He is the reason I am always rearranging my home.

Speaking of homes, I just bought this door mat. I like to change out my door mat for every season/holiday. This one is perfect because it's pretty neutral and can be used all year round.

Holidays, they're my favorite and I like to take way too many pictures of my girls under these super fun balloons target has been carrying lately. We did the christmas version, new years, valentines day and now using this for the 4th!

I have toys all around the house, Its inevitable with two babes. So I like having baskets in every single roomto throw toys, books and blankets in, they help us stay as tidy as possible. These wire baskets currently hold my throw blankets in the living room and books in the girls room. 

I just discovered these to-go-cups by designlovefest for cheeky and I'm obsessed! Totally my style and perfect for my morning coffee, because washing coffee cups is so overrated sometimes, right?

dress c/o Taylor Joelle Designs
Here's to twirling into the weekend!

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