Thursday, June 30, 2016

Julianneisms // first edition

Here's the first of many "Julianneism" posts. I think I decided that this age is my favorite (ha I've been saying that every year since Jules was born)! Three year olds are the best, they are just learning how to make full sentences, they're like, real people now! They are the most honest little beings and say whatever comes to their minds, with no filter, they really do say the darnest things. I finally decided to document all the crazy things that come out of my little babes mouth so I can look back one day and remember her carefree, silly self and the way she views the world through her little eyes.

Daddy: Jules do you know where hamburgers come from?
Jules: yeah, McDonalds!

Jules: Daddy, you're a bad girl.
Daddy: I'm a man.
Jules: No daddy, you not a man, you a boy.

Me: Jules, Kourtney is not feeling good.
Jules: awww Tortey, you need to go to Target. Popcorn makes everything better.

Jules: Mommy I want all the sisters. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 sisters. No boys! ha ha boys are stinky!

Daddy: You can't have anymore candy.
Jules: This isn't candy daddy, it's chocolate.

Me: Jules, why are you so cute?
Jules: Because I, I, yuv you!

Me: Jules, who is in charge?
Jules: Mommy! But I'm pretending to be the mommy so I'm in charge.

Jules: I want you to have another baby in your belly!
Me: Do you want a boy or a girl?
Jules: I want a girl and I will help pick a name!
Me: What names do you like?
Jules: Hmmm, I like Elmo, because he is red like my hair!

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