Monday, June 13, 2016

sister + sister // twinning

We have a major twinning addiction at our house. I just love seeing my girls dressed alike. I mean, might as well do it while they let me because the reality is one day Jules is going to think it is totally embarrassing. Hopefully that won't happen for a while though. Right now she LOVES it and always asks to match her sister because its not fair if they don't. It's my mommy dream come true.

Although we love to match, I don't always like to have them looking identical. I take similar pieces, prints, patterns and coordinate from there. Don't get me wrong though, a good head to toe moment is amazing. I've put together some of my favorite coordinating sister outfits that are on my "need" list.

black and white outfit: baby sister  // big sister // shoes
pink outfit:  big sister + baby sister // sandals
yellow swimsuits: hat // swimsuits // sunglasses

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