Wednesday, June 22, 2016

summer bucket list

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This summer is going to be so good. Julianne is at the age where she is always asking to do something fun and is finally starting to enjoy interacting with other kiddos, plus we have a new baby to show the summer ropes to. Jules helped me get this list together, she had me laughing the whole time, lets just say some of her suggestions didn't make the list. ha

1. Her first request was to make fun fruit foods! I have a watermelon pizza pinned that we definitely will be trying.

2. Splash pads. We have never been, but apparently they are the thing to be doing these days so I've gotta show my girls what the fuss is all about.

3. Enjoy more dinners in our backyard.

4. Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. We are determined to try the ice cream doughnut.

5. Beach days. This is so embarrassing, we are from So Cal and live about 30 minutes from the beach but we've never taken Jules. Her first and only beach experience was in Hawaii two years ago.

6. Flower picking.

7. Bowling.

8. Make unicorn bark. This is a fun one, will be sure to post a DIY on the blog.

9. Strawberry picking.

10. Our annual Palm Springs trip. We have been doing this since Jules was born, that was her first family vacation and we can't wait to take Kourtney.

Do you have any fun summer plans or any suggestions we can try? We would love to hear them.

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