Thursday, July 21, 2016

10 month update // + must haves

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were bringing this little chunk home. Although I am in major denial and can't seem to accept that she is 10 months, I am so excited to see her grow because I get to watch her little independent, persistent, fiery personality flourish. But my favorite thing to watch grow is the love she has for her sister. She gets so excited and literally jumps and claps when her big sister walks into a room. She is so eager to keep up with her, likes to stand and play barbies with her, walks by holding her hands and follows her everywhere! If she is really tired she will lean and cuddle on her, and the days are always filled with endless slobbery kisses. It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen! She has taken a total of 4 steps alone, walks along all our furniture, gets up and down without holding on to anything, knows how to do patty cake, loves "if you're happy and you know it." And she mimics everything we do --when I am calling her sister she yells right along with me, "ahhhh" as she has her hand on the side of her mouth. She has a total of 6 teeth, sleeps through the night, loves pancakes and can't leave my side. She's just so much fun and keeps us on our toes!

I've been asked what toys and products she likes best these days, so here are a few 10 month must haves:

stroller: We just got this for her a few days ago and she loves it! She is now walking all around the house with it and even feeds her little dolly with the toy bottle. She will be walking alone in no time! 

banana teether: She has had this since she first started teething and she prefers this over all her other teethers. I especially prefer this one since it cleans her teeny baby pearly whites. 

teething tablets: I highly recommend these, we used them for both girls and swear by them.

baby house: I love this toy! There are so many different ways to set it up so Kourtney always gets something new to explore. She loves opening and closing the little door and watching her down the mini slide is the cutest thing, plus Jules loves playing with it too. They can spend at least a good hour playing with this when we bring it out.

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