Tuesday, July 26, 2016

fun toddler breakfast

As a baby Jules ate anything and everything! She was such a great eater and everyone commented on it. As she gets older, especially since she turned three, she's become more difficult when it comes to her meals. I find myself hiding chicken and veggies in most of her food. The one thing she does like is pasta! She wants it all the time so we try to make it at least once a week. The best part is she has no idea we ever made the switch from regular pasta to veggie pasta so getting those veggies into her lunch and dinner is pretty easy. Breakfast however, is a little bit more complicated. She always wants the same thing: pancakes and cereal with no milk. She doesn't like yogurt, no bananas, and no milk unless it's a Starbucks chocolate milk (she has expensive taste). But I have noticed that the more creative I get with breakfast time, the more fun she has and the less picky she is. So here are my favorite go to's for breakfast.

f u n   p a n c a k e s:

Jules is obsessed with these! She has pancakes two to three times a week and we always make something fun. Most mornings I make letters for simple words she can spell like, dog, cat, and her name. But sometimes I'm feeling more creative and have even done a full Minnie and Mickey head, face and all! We both love the letters though. She likes playing with them, plus she's learning at the same time!

b a n a n a   m i l k s h a k e:

She hates bananas and milk, but LOVES this! I make this way too often in our house but it's so simple! Just add a banana, as much milk as you'd like (depending on how thick you want it), and a dash of sugar. We like to get fancy and add some sprinkles because those make everything look even more delicious.

y o g u r t   a n d   c e r e a l   b a r k:

She swears this is ice cream but it's actually just greek yogurt with strawberries and a sprinkle of rainbow cereal. It is her favorite and she can eat this all day. Plus they make a great on the go snack! Just stick them in a travel container and you're set! I'll have a tutorial on this soon!

b r e a k f a s t   b a n a n a  s p l i t: 

She only loves this because...SPRINKLES! And whenever I make it, she makes sure to remind me that she doesn't like bananas or yogurt, but that she'll still eat it as long as there are strawberries and sprinkles mixed in.

My favorite part about rotating these breakfasts is that my little Koko (10 months) can also enjoy them. She is not picky, at all, and I actually don't think she's come across a food that she didn't like. Being able to make one thing that both babies enjoy makes this mommy's job a little easier. Hope this inspires you to have some fun with your kiddos meals. Are your toddlers picky? If so what are some of your favorite meals? Let me know below.

* All tableware was provided by Re-Play. Every single piece they make is made from recycled HDPE plastic. We have their white set and I just love the clean look! I recently got rid of all my girls' mismatched pieces and replaced them with these because they make my ocd heart happy.

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