Monday, July 11, 2016

sister + sister // update

One of my favorite things to do is look back at my old Instagram posts of my girls. I recently went back so far I came across cute pictures of Jules when she was Kourtney's age and oh em gee, they're identical. I then realized how good I was at capturing and writing down Jules' monthly and yearly updates. Now let's be honest, I can barely keep up with my poor Koko monkey's monthly pictures these days, but I'm hoping that starting this first update on the blog will motivate me stay on top of it. Plus, I can't be the only one that is a little nosey and likes to know what other babies my girls' ages are doing, so here you go!

j u l i a n n e . s o f i a // 3 years 6 months

Julianne is such a calm, sweet, smart, witty, funny, silly, goofy, loving girl. She was my late starter in everything. She didn't crawl till she was almost 1, didn't walk till 16 months and didn't start talking till she was around 2. She has always gone at her own pace, it's the stubbornness in her. She is talking up a storm these days and always has us laughing. Her sister and I get daily rules from her that we must follow, like no eating the food in the car after driving thru and eating at the table as a family. Totally my mini me. She is into Peppa Pig, loves Disneyland, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Play-Doh, all of which she watches on her ipad on kids youtube. She's obsessed. One thing that has caught me off guard is how she notices gender. Everything is for either boys or girls. She cries if you tell her boys can like pink or if you give her a blue cup because "blue is for boys." We hear "mommy is a girl, Kourtney is a girl and I'm a girl, not daddy haha he's a boy" daily. Ha, because in a house full of 4 girls, including the pup, girls rule! I also hear "mommy I want another baby, I want all the baby sisters. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." She specifically asked for 5 sisters and no boys because boys are stinky. She is also obsessed with families. Like how many people are in different families, are there brothers, do they have a mommy and daddy, any baby Kourtney's (she refers to every baby girl as a "baby Kourtney"). She is still on the quiet side, loves her mommy and she is the best big sister ever. I am so proud of the sister she is. She just loves Kourtney, loves to cuddle her, helps her, plays with her. Shes's like a mini mommy and I have a feeling she is going to make an awesome one, one day. She also reminds me that she is a big girl because she has big feet, but promises me she will always be my baby.

k o u r t n e y . j a y // 9 months

I'm always telling myself not to compare my two girls but it is so hard not to when they are total opposites. Kourtney seems to be growing up so quickly! I always say she is just trying to keep up with big sister, that usually makes me feel better. She has been crawling since 6 months, sat up super early, and has been walking along all the furniture lately. She even let's go, stands alone and has taken two steps! She also doesn't sleep, which is definitely not like big sister. We are a living proof that each baby is different. It amazes me at how quickly she learns, how eager she is to try new things and how outgoing she is. I always say she has her daddy's personality, because she is the biggest people person and always waves hi to everyone. There's not a single thing that she hasn't touched that didn't go into her mouth or get thrown onto the floor. Literally can't leave her alone for a second.  With all that fun stuff comes the endless amounts of cuddles. She is the biggest cuddler! She loves to be carried and can literally just lay her head on my shoulder forever without moving. She gives the best slobbery kisses. Loves her puppy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, daddy's guitar playing, being out in public, and her mommy. The best feeling is when she pushes away from people for me. We spend our days laying on the floor playing with big sister, cuddling on the couch, chasing after her and pulling things away from her reach, playing peek a boo and clapping, lots of clapping. She really was the missing piece to our little family and she makes every single one of us a better person.

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