Tuesday, August 30, 2016

meal time fun with first years // review

Things have gotten a little hectic around here since Kourtney learned how to walk. I have found it pretty difficult to get anything done since I am constantly following her around, so house work has pretty much been on the back burner these days. I was lucky if I could stick her in her Ikea highchair, which we love, with some snacks and get 10 minutes to tidy up but she is just not entertained in that anymore. 

The First Years Brand and Disney baby recently sent us this cute Mickey seat to try. The second the girls saw this they got so excited because well, MICKEY MOUSE! He and his whole gang rule in our home. The chair has pretty much changed our daily routine and has made life a little easier. Both girls love it so Kourtney is never left alone because sister is right there playing with all the fun Mickey toys too. I use it while I wash dishes, stick it in the garage while I do laundry and even slide my dining room chair into the bathroom while I shower! Told ya, game changer! I especially love that it perfectly fits at our table. I take the tray off and it works as a booster seat so we can all eat at the table together during dinner time. Kourtney loves that since it's something that we aren't able to do with her current highchair. 

Thank you to The First Years for providing us with the activity seat for review.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2016

sensitive baby skin // parasol review

We made the switch to Parasol about 4 months ago after trying out 3 different diaper brands. Kourtney was about 4 weeks old when I noticed she had very dry crackly knees, it was so bad she was getting little cuts and even bleeding a little bit. Her pediatrician confirmed my suspicions, she had eczema. I grew up with it and still deal with it as an adult so I prayed and hoped my kids would not have to deal with it. We got lucky with Jules as she never had a diaper rash and has the most perfectly smooth skin so when I realized just how sensitive Kourtney's skin was I kinda freaked out. 

We had always used Pampers brand diapers with both girls until I noticed huge welts on Koko's inner thighs one day. I panicked. It was red, bumpy and it looked so painful. I swore it was just her eczema so I slathered on the coconut oil and it was fine for a day or two, then it happened again. I noticed that both times it was when she woke up in the morning with a full saggy diaper. So I changed diaper brands and she went without an episode for about a week before it happened again. This time it was on both legs, bigger and lumpier. Another trip to the pediatrician, and she suggested all natural chlorine free diapers so I quickly ran to Target and got the only diaper I knew that was all natural, Honest. I didn't think twice when I grabbed them because I just wanted to make my baby better. After a full week of using them I remembered why I didn't care for them when Jules was a baby. I personally hated the feel, when they're full they're so full and for some reason my girls always leaked through them. They always felt so moist through the outside and they weren't as soft and comfy as I would have liked, especially for the price. The one thing that I did like was that my baby wasn't getting those ugly welts so I was satisfied and we went on without a single episode for almost two months until i noticed another (super tiny) red welt.

I was determined to find the right diaper for us so I researched different all natural diapers when Parasol got in contact with me. I did the free trial and fell in love. The diapers have a super luxurious top layer and are the softest I've come across which is something that was very important to me. We haven't had any leaks, they aren't damp when they're full and still no welts. They are hypoallergenic, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, lotion-free and latex- free, plus they come in the cutest prints that are totally our style. I always get the Dream collection because those black hearts are just so good. One thing I am always telling everyone about and having them feel are their cloth-like wipes because they're amazing! The feel and the way they wipe your baby's bottom really stands out from other wipes I've tried. I know everyone likes a different kind of wipe but I really love these because of the texture, they're thick and they clean in one swipe. Plus, the cucumber + chamomile scent is heavenly. I also really enjoy that you get to select how often the diapers get delivered. I find that we only need them every 5 weeks. Plus look at how cute the box is! Koko and Jules always have a blast playing with it, because every kid finds boxes way more fun than their toys.

If you are in search of a new diaper for the feel, sensitive baby skin or just for the cuteness factor I suggest giving these a try! They offer a free trial box which comes with the Delight collection, 8 diapers and small pack of wipes, all you pay for is the $5 shipping. We've teamed up with Parasol to give my readers 20% your first subscription just enter "alittlejandk" at checkout.

*we received samples from Parasol but all opinions are 100% my own*

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

gold abc's // diy

The OCD in me wants everything to match, and by match I mean spray paint everything gold. Gold spray paint is my best friend and I really use it on pretty much everything. When I came across these colorful alphabet magnets at Target, I just knew I needed to turn to my sparkly gold friend again. This diy is super easy and makes your fridge look clean and sleek without all those mismatching colorful magnets.

All you really need is some gold spray paint and some letters. I like to use this spray paint. I really like how even this goes on and I prefer the true gold color. I've used others and they are either too yellow or too brown. I painted the front and backs of the letters and even added a sealer to protect them from Jules' and Kourtney's little hands. I of course keep these on the top end of the fridge so Kourtney won't reach them because she will put them in her mouth, but Jules loves them! We practice spelling her name every morning when I make breakfast and we are even learning how to spell simple words like cat and dog. Her current favorite word right now is mom! This is a super cheap diy that the kiddos will love to play with and mommies will love because of how pretty they will look on the fridge.