Tuesday, August 9, 2016

gold abc's // diy

The OCD in me wants everything to match, and by match I mean spray paint everything gold. Gold spray paint is my best friend and I really use it on pretty much everything. When I came across these colorful alphabet magnets at Target, I just knew I needed to turn to my sparkly gold friend again. This diy is super easy and makes your fridge look clean and sleek without all those mismatching colorful magnets.

All you really need is some gold spray paint and some letters. I like to use this spray paint. I really like how even this goes on and I prefer the true gold color. I've used others and they are either too yellow or too brown. I painted the front and backs of the letters and even added a sealer to protect them from Jules' and Kourtney's little hands. I of course keep these on the top end of the fridge so Kourtney won't reach them because she will put them in her mouth, but Jules loves them! We practice spelling her name every morning when I make breakfast and we are even learning how to spell simple words like cat and dog. Her current favorite word right now is mom! This is a super cheap diy that the kiddos will love to play with and mommies will love because of how pretty they will look on the fridge. 

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