Tuesday, August 30, 2016

meal time fun with first years // review

Things have gotten a little hectic around here since Kourtney learned how to walk. I have found it pretty difficult to get anything done since I am constantly following her around, so house work has pretty much been on the back burner these days. I was lucky if I could stick her in her Ikea highchair, which we love, with some snacks and get 10 minutes to tidy up but she is just not entertained in that anymore. 

The First Years Brand and Disney baby recently sent us this cute Mickey seat to try. The second the girls saw this they got so excited because well, MICKEY MOUSE! He and his whole gang rule in our home. The chair has pretty much changed our daily routine and has made life a little easier. Both girls love it so Kourtney is never left alone because sister is right there playing with all the fun Mickey toys too. I use it while I wash dishes, stick it in the garage while I do laundry and even slide my dining room chair into the bathroom while I shower! Told ya, game changer! I especially love that it perfectly fits at our table. I take the tray off and it works as a booster seat so we can all eat at the table together during dinner time. Kourtney loves that since it's something that we aren't able to do with her current highchair. 

Thank you to The First Years for providing us with the activity seat for review.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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