Friday, October 14, 2016

friday favorites

It's been a hectic week. I randomly decided to clean out my house so I spent three days purging old baby clothes, old toys, rearranged all the cabinets in the kitchen and swept and mopped like I never have before. Don't you always feel so good after doing that? My house, or should I say my floors were in desperate need. 

We also had Kourtney's first ballet class. She is in the ballet/tap class for walkers-2yr olds. I was so proud of her. She actually tried her best to do what the teacher was doing. The cutest was when she was tapping her foot, she was trying so hard but kept losing her balance. After sitting outside and watching her sister dance for so long, you could see how excited she was to try it. It's so crazy how each child has their own personality. When Jules started at the same age, she would not leave my side, for months! We ended pulling her out because she just didn't seem happy. Kourtney was the complete opposite. She was timid at first but quickly broke out of her shell the second the toys came out. She was shaking her maracas back and forth across the room all on her own. Cutest thing ever! 

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After what seems like the longest week, we are so excited to have a fun relaxing family weekend . For the first time in weeks my husband has a Saturday off. Y A Y! We plan on watching the USC game at home with some homemade burgers and fries and heading to some fun pumpkin patches. We went to a local one two weeks ago and Jules cried when we left. She has been begging to go back since. There is a local park that hosts a pretty fun pumpkin patch with face painting, train rides, carnival games, and pony rides. We are so excited to surprise the girls, they are going to love it!I also plan on getting some shopping time squeezed in. Here are some of my friday favorites!I have a pretty full cart online at baby gap! I'm currently obsessing over their whole Pendleton collection, it's so good! I must have this dress for the girls, this denim jacket, and this beanie! Perfect for fall! I've been eyeing this gold side table from target, forever! I keep telling myself I need at least one but haven't taken the plunge. I think it is calling my name because I just checked and its currently on sale! My girls love books, like obsessed! They have me reading all day. The cutest is when Kourt takes the books to Jules and she reads to her. Some of their favorites are If I were a Unicorn, Madeline, and Pinkalicious! What are some of your kids favorite books? We would love to add to our collection. Hope you have a great weekend!

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