Thursday, November 24, 2016

baby number three

Blessed is an understatement. We are so excited to be able to welcome a new baby into our family. We decided early on, after Kourtney was born, that we wanted to quickly expand our family. Our goal was to be pregnant by her first birthday and we were fortunate enough to get a positive pregnancy test early October. The planner in me wanted a summer baby so I could be pregnant during the winter this time around plus separate the birthdays a little haha and lucky me, my plans actually panned out for once.

This pregnancy has been pretty rough. If you follow me on social media or here on the blog, then you know I've been pretty MIA. The first couple of weeks came with evening nausea. I was literally in bed by 5pm. On top of that I was hit with a pretty bad stomach flu and was miserable for a week, I was afraid to eat which led to extreme nausea. All that mixed in with running after two girlies, one of which is extra active, brought on an extreme case of tiredness. I've been so lucky with Jules and Kourtney, they have been such good sports and have let me lounge and get away with take out and movies for weeks now. I am (finally) 11 weeks and starting to feel like myself again. yay!

I keep saying it's a boy and he is paying me back with all the miserableness because I openly expressed that I did not want a boy. haha My dream has always been to have three girls plus I am a girl mom thorough and through. I'll be honest though, the thought of having a boy made me nervous but the idea is kinda growing on me. I am loving all the cute little boy outfits plus my manly, sports loving husband would be an amazing daddy to a mini Jason. Jules is dead set that this is a girl and does not want a brother because they destroy tea parties! She is probably the most excited about having another baby in the house. She asks for 5 sisters daily and constantly reminds me that we will now have three babies and need two more, maybe twins! Keep on wishing baby girl.

We are all over the moon excited and can't wait to welcome our newest addition (little red head? hmmmm) this June!

Friday, November 18, 2016

UPPAbaby VISTA stroller review

As mommies we all know how difficult it is picking great quality baby items that suit our style and function for our everyday lives. I fell in love with the UPPAbaby Vista before even trying it out. I loved the clean lines, the simplicity and the overall look of the stroller. We recently had the chance to get our hands on the 2016 model of the VISTA and let me tell ya, UH-MAZING! I am not sure who was more excited, me or my girls. I think I have the worlds laziest kiddos, they don't like walking when we are out and about and always prefer to sit in the stroller, so having something we all love was a huge win. Here are a just a few reasons why we love the VISTA!

My number one selling feature is probably the fact that it can easily be used as a single, double or triple stroller! Yup, I said triple! This was a huge win in my book. We have two girls right now but hope to expand our family soon and love the fact that we will not have to buy a whole new stroller for a new baby. The VISTA comes with a super plush lined bassinet that is perfect for newborns and we added the RumbleSeat and the Piggyback ride-along board, so we are set!  The best part is that we can mix and match the configuration of the stroller to whatever suits us each outing.

We go on lots of walks to the park throughout the week so we tend to do the single mode often and Jules stands on the Piggyback ride-along board. She loves this thing and calls it her skateboard. I also like to use it in the single mode if we are doing a museum trip and know it's something fun and interactive a toddler won't sit still for. I normally don't like when Jules is walking on her own because I am that paranoid mom so the board is perfect. I especially like the location of it and find comfort knowing she is right where I can see her.

For longer trips, like our Disney days, we always do the double seats. It's amazing! The RumbleSeat is easy for Jules to get in and out of which is perfect when we are rushing to get into long lines. We like to go just for fireworks at night and know both girls will fall asleep so the double is a must. When both girls are facing the handlebars, napping in the stroller is like a dream. You can fully recline both seats and keep them comfy for long periods of time. Total life saver. This configuration is probably the thing that I brag to everyone about the most. You know us mommies like to plan our outings accordingly, pack the snacks and leave after nap time to make sure everyone is in a good mood, but it never fails and things never go as planned. There have been countless times where I think we are set and pack everyone up for that Target or market run and both girls end up asleep. So for that reason, this stroller never leaves my car!

Before the VISTA I had another double and I thought I loved it until I made the transition. I always knew it was wide and heavy but figured that's how all doubles were! I always had a hard time getting it into and out of my SUV. I'm only 5'" so lifting a stroller that was just as big as me was pretty difficult. I was able to quickly see the major difference the second I took the VISTA out of the box. It is a breeze to fold and unfold, super lightweight, pretty to look at and, the basket! Oh the basket, it is huge! You know those shopping trips I mentioned above? Well let's just say all my groceries easily fit into that massive basket and we are always overly prepared for our Disney trips with a change of clothes, shoes and blankets. We pack it all!

My little family, including my super picky husband love this stroller. And I can't wait till we expand our family and get to try out that bassinet! If you have been thinking about getting this, DO IT! I promise you won't regret it. The 2017 models are coming out soon and the previews are to die for! I mean, they added super stylish brown leather handlebars and the new colors, like the Loic, are so pretty!

2016 models (above)  + 2017 Loic color (below)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of UPPAbaby. The opinions and text are all mine.