Thursday, November 24, 2016

baby number three

Blessed is an understatement. We are so excited to be able to welcome a new baby into our family. We decided early on, after Kourtney was born, that we wanted to quickly expand our family. Our goal was to be pregnant by her first birthday and we were fortunate enough to get a positive pregnancy test early October. The planner in me wanted a summer baby so I could be pregnant during the winter this time around plus separate the birthdays a little haha and lucky me, my plans actually panned out for once.

This pregnancy has been pretty rough. If you follow me on social media or here on the blog, then you know I've been pretty MIA. The first couple of weeks came with evening nausea. I was literally in bed by 5pm. On top of that I was hit with a pretty bad stomach flu and was miserable for a week, I was afraid to eat which led to extreme nausea. All that mixed in with running after two girlies, one of which is extra active, brought on an extreme case of tiredness. I've been so lucky with Jules and Kourtney, they have been such good sports and have let me lounge and get away with take out and movies for weeks now. I am (finally) 11 weeks and starting to feel like myself again. yay!

I keep saying it's a boy and he is paying me back with all the miserableness because I openly expressed that I did not want a boy. haha My dream has always been to have three girls plus I am a girl mom thorough and through. I'll be honest though, the thought of having a boy made me nervous but the idea is kinda growing on me. I am loving all the cute little boy outfits plus my manly, sports loving husband would be an amazing daddy to a mini Jason. Jules is dead set that this is a girl and does not want a brother because they destroy tea parties! She is probably the most excited about having another baby in the house. She asks for 5 sisters daily and constantly reminds me that we will now have three babies and need two more, maybe twins! Keep on wishing baby girl.

We are all over the moon excited and can't wait to welcome our newest addition (little red head? hmmmm) this June!

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  1. Congratulations! I am the mother of two boys and now we are expecting a little girl. I was dead set on another boy. I'm incredibly nervous about having a girl. Best wishes to you and your family!