Tuesday, December 13, 2016

a snowy day in southern california

Jules has cousins coming to visit from Colorado this holiday, so we have been counting down the days for over a month now. She woke up today and screamed "three more days"! She then went on listing all the things she is going to do with them, like go to Build-A-Bear, American Girl doll store, Chuck e Cheese, and play with the snow!? Snow? She let me know that they live where it snows and when they fly over on Friday they are " brinding all the moe"! I felt terrible having to break the news to her so I softened the blow by bribing her with getting to make our very own snow. 

I made this years ago when I was teaching art, it's super easy and done with things you already have in your house. I couldn't quite remember the measurements but I ended up doing 3 cups of baking soda and 1cup of white conditioner. This made a pretty big amount, so I'm sure you could half that and totally be fine. But look at her, she was the happiest little today! She of course insisted on wearing her Elsa dress, because how could she not dress as Elsa when building a "mo man".  #momwin

                                  p i n   m e   t o   p i n t e r e s t :
Elsa dress c/o Little Gloriana 

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