Thursday, December 8, 2016

shared sister room

I have had quite a few people on social media ask about the girls' bedroom so here's a long o v e r due little tour. I grew up sharing a room with my younger sister and absolutely loved it so naturally, I always imagined my two girls (if I ever had them) would also share a room together. And I was so happy when we found out we were having another girl because it meant I was able to redesign the room! I am a total neutral girl; my whole house is a black, grey and white color scheme. Super simple. I wanted their room to flow with the rest of our home so I started with white and added small hints of peach, pink and gold to girly it up. I tried to keep it as fun and kid-friendly all while filling it DIY's and lots of love. This is hands down is our favorite room. We find ourselves playing in here throughout the day; we have tea parties, play dress up, draw on the chalkboard wall and cuddle up on Jules' bed to watch way too many youtube Play-Doh videos.

dresser similar here / wall decals similar here / basket

I was so worried about the transition and afraid Jules would hate her new room so we kept her bed in the same spot and kept her side of the room pretty much the same with her little kitchen and all her baby toys. All we did was change her pillowcases and added a few new accent pillows which she helped pick.

We DIY'd this ikea kitchen for her second christmas. Jules and Kourtney play with this almost everyday. 

I wanted something a little more personalized over the crib so I made this "girls, I love you" sign. This by far is my favorite piece in the room. I also added the cloud and star mobil and a super fun tapestry which fits perfectly in the space.

I saw this shelf on Pinterest and knew that this nursery had to have it! We of course, spray painted it gold and I love the way it turned out. We have photos and headbands displayed here (see more headband storage here) and obviously color coordinated the books, because it makes my OCD heart happy. And the bottom shelf is filled with lots and lots of red headed dollies.

Another one of my favorite DIY's was their insane closet. I have these same wardrobes against a wall in my room but they have doors on them. Their room was so small that we weren't able to do the same so we took down their closet doors and stuck these in here. We designed these at Ikea. Once we took measurements and went out to buy everything we realized that we weren't going to be able to fit the doors on the wardrobes which worked out perfectly because that's when I decided I wanted those glass drawers and well, just look at them! They're amazing and I totally have closet envy over a 4 and 1 year old's closet! (I will be sharing all the details on these in an upcoming blog post.)

Jules loves to draw. Loves! So we had added this chalkboard wall behind her door when she turned one. It's evolved over the years to accommodate her different stages. We just recently added the mirror since she loves to dress up! She swears she's Ariel and twirls in front of that mirror all day long in her princess costumes and hosts lots and lots of tea parties for me and her sister. 

Hope you love it as much as we do!

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