Tuesday, February 14, 2017

another holiday tea party. valetines day edition

It's no secret that we take our holidays, or any chance to celebrate, very seriously. Jules has been counting down the days for "balentines day" for over a week and I wanted to make it extra special and as girly and glittery as I possibly could since this is our last official GALentines day before our little guy arrives in June. As usual these girls slept through breakfast time, which was perfect because I had this fun afternoon tea time planned, complete with pink noodles. They were surprised with some fun treats when they finally woke up, at 9am, and we may or may not have had a chocolate kiss or two for breakfast. shhh. Then came the afternoon tea, lets just say they were over the moon excited and keep reminding me that I am the funest, bestest mommy ever!
wooden wands / straws / sparkly clips / necklaces / pjs / unicorn  

I love hearing about how they love holidays and celebrating, the best is that they don't just love receiving surprises for themselves but they truly love surprising others as well! They are the sweetest. Now, to be the best wife ever. These festive girls and I are ready to make daddy's surprise just as memorable.

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