Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It's a boy!

I'm going to be completely honest and say that I was in shock when I first heard those words. Not because I didn't want a boy because let me tell you I was praying for a little boyfriend. I wanted one so badly, so much so that I was psyching myself out and doubting my original mommy instinct. When the nurse confirmed it I cried some happy tears, then set in the fear and all the doubts. What and how was I going to raise a son, not a daughter, not someone super girly, but a little man. One that is probably going to hate all the pictures I take, think that my over the top celebrating is embarrassing and one that probably won't want to coordinate with his sisters. ha Really though, all I know are girls, boys are so different but I am so ready for that wild ride. When I hear all the wonderful boy mom stories on how a boy just loves his mommy in a special way; probably the same way my girls look up to their all knowing, can't do anything wrong, super strong can do it all daddy, thats when I get so excited. I want to feel that same special kinda love and experience something so new. I am so lucky to get the best of both worlds! I have my sweet best friends that I will forever get to have shopping and mani and pedi dates with and a handsome little boyfriend that has already stolen my heart and will be the biggest mammas boy, just like his daddy! We are all over the moon excited and cant wait to meet our little (red headed?) guy! 

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