Monday, March 27, 2017

baby must have Monday

I've been having a blast shopping for baby Jackson and found that I keep going back to some of my favorite things I used when Kourtney was a baby. Things that all moms must know about. She's only 18 months so I'd like to think I kinda got a hang of this whole baby/newborn thing. Along with some of the things that saved my life in those first few weeks, I have also found some super cute boy things that I must share. Ahhh, boy things, still so weird to say. So here's my round up for my very first, baby must have Monday..

Let's talk, DOCKATOT. This was a lifesaver with both my girls, yup, both. We learned early on that Kourtney was a super light sleeper. We had her in a bassinet in our room and she could never seem to get comfortable in there. Those early days were rough because the only way she would sleep was if she was in my arms, which made nights difficult. That plus a two and a half year old that just wasn't ready to transition into her own bed made things a little tricky. We finally got both girls their very own docks when Kourt was about 1 month. Jules got the grand and we went with the deluxe for Kourt. It was like magic. Kourt, seemed to feel cradled in it and was soon sleeping nine hours straight. Jules was the same. We put it in our bed and slowly moved the whole dock into her bed which made the transition so smooth. We went with the deluxe again this time around for Jacks and he will eventually get Jules' grand. Already getting hand me downs, sorry dude. Get $10 off your very own dock using this link!

It's no secret I love to (over) document my girls' lives. Jules has a baby photo book full of all her firsts, still working on Kourt's, both have a monthly baby photo book too. They're our favorite things to pull out and look at. Jules likes me to tell her where we were and what kind of things she was doing. We of course, will be doing the same for baby boy! I'm so excited to use the Milestone photo cards. I think with him being the third, this whole capturing every moment thing might be a little difficult, so these will definitely make it easier for me. I love all the different types of cards they have like, the early years version for babies 0-4 years and the pregnancy cards! I decided on the Baby first year, in the over the moon version and the activity cards. So excited to capture this guys firsts' like, the first time he says mama! Daddy can't wait to bust out the, my first time at a sports event, at his first USC football game.

On top of documenting every moment of my kids' lives I love to collect some of their baby items in hopes that they will use them on their kids one day. I'm one of those moms. My husband likes to refer to me as a hoarder, ha. Every newborn needs something personalized from one of my favorite shops, Pirates and Peonies. How cute are these custom items? Im obsessed and can't wait to get the baby into these. I love how you can customize each piece with your favorite font and image. This little romper is probably my favorite. Use code: alittlejandk for 15% off. 

If you know Jason, then you know he doesn't go a day without wearing a hat. He literally wears a hat every day and I'm pretty sure he has an obsession with collecting them too. One of the first things I got for Jack's was a hat so he could be just like his daddy! Let's just say Jason was over the moon excited. It was so cute. I didn't realize how hard it would be to find one that was tiny enough for a baby but I finally came across Binky Bro and fell in love with them all, I mean just look...

And finally, have you heard of Cuddle and Kind? They have the sweetest little heirloom dolls, from the cute penguin we picked for our baby boy, to their newest little lambs. The thing I love most about them is the message behind their company. For every doll sold they provide 10 meals to children in need. How awesome is that? You can read more about their mission here

s h o p   m y    p i c k s :

Happy Monday friends! Hope you enjoyed this first post, I'll be back next Monday with more of my must haves. 

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