Friday, March 17, 2017

Jackson Jett | 6 month bump date

dress c/o pink blush maternity

I've been so bad about documenting this pregnancy! I think this is only my third bump photo and it is certainly my first official bump date. Hashtag, third baby problems. So here's a not so little recap of the first 6 months. 

I'll be honest, it started off pretty rough. A few weeks into my pregnancy, we all got sick with bad colds. Then came my first experience with horrible stomach aches. The best way to describe it is you feel like your having contractions. The pain would start off very light and gradually get stronger, then it would go away completely and start back up a few minutes later, each time worse than the last.  I was curled up in bed for three days, bloated, nauseous and exhausted. This first stomach ache hit the day of Julianne's 4th birthday party and I missed the whole thing! Then came the super bad nausea. I couldn't eat or smell food. I was miserable. And then, the second round of stomach aches. Again, I was down for three days. I started documenting the foods I was eating to track what was causing the pain. I found that anytime I ate anything spicy or fried was when I'd get the pain. I figured it was just some sort of really bad heartburn. Just as I was starting to figure out how to avoid the pain with the foods I ate, we all got terribly sick, again! I had the worst cold and couldn't even take anything for it. Then, one morning I woke up with the worst ear pain and yup, an ear infection! I felt like I couldn't catch a break and I was right because soon after that three week cold went away, the stomach pain came back. I'm so stubborn and was determined to get it under control that I hadn't told my doctor about it, but finally caved and was told to stay away from the same foods I was already avoiding because it might be gallstones. Awesome! So I stuck to the diet and went two whole months without any pain and was so sure I was fine until I got it agin a few weeks ago. Again I was down for a few days, miserable and curled up on the couch. I've been pain free for a little over a month now and hope I can continue to keep it under control.

With Jules and Kourtney I had extreme pelvic pain early on around 15 weeks. It was so bad that I was unable to get in and out of bed easily, put my pants on while standing up or walk for too long without feeling excruciating pain. My doctor at the time was unable to tell me what it was and kept insisting that I just needed a support belt, but I knew it wasn't that. This time around I felt the pain when I was just 10 weeks! I told my (new) doctor and she said it sounded like I was misaligned. I came home, googled it and have been pain free by just following the suggestions I found online. Haven't had that terrible pain since and I hope it stays away. My doctor did suggest a chiropractor so the second I feel any pain I am making myself an appointment. Aside from all that fun stuff I feel like I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. I've noticed that I have more energy this time around and I'm hoping I'll be lucky enough to keep it this way.

penguin / onesie / moccs / weekly banner / monthly swaddle / pants, onesie and beanie 

how far along: 26 weeks

weight gain: I lost 12 lbs and gained all 12 back, plus one. So I've technically gained llb since my first appointment. 

sleep: I was sleeping like a baby up until the last two days. Both girls have fevers right now, which freak me since Jules had a seizure the last time she was in bed with a fever, so I've gotten a total of 4 hours of sleep in the past two days and I'm so nervous that my insomnia may just be back. 

food cravings: watermelon with lemon and salt, pancakes and just recently, popsicles. 

movement: His movements feel like those little flutters you feel when they first start moving. I just started feeling him roll around and even that is so gentle.  I'm hoping this is a sign that he is going to be a calm baby. Both girls were so wild and moved nonstop all day long, which is pretty similar to how they are now. 

what I'm most excited about: I can't wait to see my girls with their little brother. Jules is so excited to finally be getting the baby she has been begging for the past year. She cuddles my stomach and sings to him and won't stop with the kisses. Kourtney sees her doing all this so she does the same. It's the sweetest thing. I know they are going to be the best biggest sisters ever. 

most nervous about: My next appointment. I get to do my glucose test and it's really not that bad since I'm one of those weird ones that doesn't mind the taste, but this is around the same time that I usually start showing signs of preeclampsia. I had to be induced with both girls due to it. I actually ran a fever during my delivery with Jules and my heart rate was through the roof. It was so bad that she had to be admitted to the NICU the second she was born. I didn't get to experience any of those first moments like kissing her or carrying her, skin to skin. I didn't even get to change her diaper until she was 5 days old. I'm terrified of having to repeat that. Delivery with Kourtney was nothing like that because the second I became borderline they went ahead and induced me to avoid it getting worse. This time around my doctor has me taking one child's aspirin every morning with my prenatals in hopes of avoiding it all together. 

names: It took us about 5 months, but we decided on, Jackson Jett. I love it! We thought we would call him Jack for short but it's just not sticking. We keep calling him Jacks or Jett but mainly call him baby boy, thanks to Jules. She says he's her baby boy! I wonder which will stick. 

classes/prep: In a few weeks both girls are taking a big sister class that our hospital offers. They get to take their baby dolls and learn some fun things like how to change diapers and rock a baby. I'm so excited for them. 

what I'm wearing: Anything and everything stretchy. Most days you will find me in my "athleisure" wear. I feel like my bump doubled in size the past week. Jules keept staring at it and has said, "mommy your tummy keeps growing and growing!" I'm all about comfort when pregnant, so I do lots of dresses and stretchy pants. I like that I can dress them down with some converse and a flannel or cardigan, or I if I'm feeling extra fancy I can wear some cute booties and throw on some jewelry. 

what I can't live without: give me all the cute maternity dresses and comfy shoes. Here are a few of my current favorites. 

I really can't believe I'm about 13 weeks away from meeting my little boyfriend. I hope the next couple of weeks fly by as fast as the last 26 have.

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