Thursday, March 9, 2017

mommy and me spring style

One of the best perks of having girls are the endless twinning opportunities, or in our case, tripleting! Not sure if that is even a real thing but us three girls definitely made it one in our household. Its been a tradition since Jules was born that we match on my birthday and this year was no different. It was the only thing I really wanted. Here's this years look...
maternity dress / rompers from gap last year but found some similar here & here also love this / bows / sandals 

and here are a few of my favorite tripleting looks from the past. I love looking back at these and seeing how much my girls have grown. Next year we will have a baby boy to add to our birthday picture, but I'm not too sure we will be adding him into the matching mix. Jason would probably have the time of his life making fun of us, that or keeping the baby away from me so I wont torture him. Let's just say he isn't into the whole twinning thing for himself let alone his mini man. I did however, just get him and Jacks matching caps and he's stoked, so that makes this mommy happy. Baby steps, baby steps. 

With spring right around the corner I started shopping for myself and the girls and thought I'd share some of my favorite picks.

s h o p  t h e  l o o k s  h e r e :

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