Monday, March 20, 2017

our berry sweet weekend

After being stuck at home with two sick girlies for a week, we desperately needed to get out of the house. Jason doesn't always have Saturdays off so we took advantage of him being home and decided to surprise the girls with their favorite treat... strawberries! Both my girls are obsessed with them and we knew they would love picking their very own, and boy were we right! Jason and I had the best time watching them get so excited, they even tried new vegetables that we can't get them to eat at home. Jules kept saying it was the best surprise ever and I couldn't agree more. We kicked off spring on a perfect sunny day spent with our favorite people! Here are some (okay, way too many) photos of our fun family day.

A lot of you on Instagram, asked where this farm was. If you're in Orange County or close to Irvine, you must head to Tanaka Farms. We have been taking Jules to their pumpkin patch since she was a baby. It's been a tradition to take the girls every year and we look forward to adding strawberry picking to that tradition. Not only do they have strawberries and pumpkins but its a great place to take kids all year round. Heres the link with more info. If you stuck around for all these pictures, you deserve a medal. ha I just couldn't help myself. Happy first day of spring!

p i n  m e :

s h o p   t h e i r  l o o k :

tops by old navy last year / sweaters / bows


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