Wednesday, March 15, 2017

shared nursery + master bedroom inspiration

We began looking for a bigger home once we got our positive pregnancy test, last September . Let me tell you, house shopping is very difficult when you're sick in your first trimester, then the holidays rolled around, and we found ourselves mid January, unsuccessful and not happy with anything that we were finding. I found myself compromising on things that were important to me just for the sake of moving into a bigger home. I felt rushed and knew I was settling for something I really didn't love. We reevaluated our entire plan at 5 months pregnant, and decided we would wait till after the baby was born to start house hunting again. The negative, we had to make our small home work, which meant making a special place for baby boy in our master. The positive, making a special place for baby boy in our master. This meant I got to redesign our entire bedroom, something I hadn't done in the four years we've lived here. It was just blah and all white. I mean, we still had vertical blinds up! Here's a little sneak peek at what I have so far. 

I started off with my must have dresser and the room kinda fell into place from there. I wanted a more masculine room for baby boy, but also wanted to incorporate my style, like including my favorite gold pieces and keeping  it very white and bright. Not sure I would say theres really a 'theme"but I love seeing it come together as the pieces arrive. 

To maximize space we went with this, Babyletto Origami, mini crib and included lots of baskets, wooden boxes and this target cart. I really wanted to include lots of greenery. I had plans on getting a big cute wicker basket and sticking a tree in there but unfortunately,  the space just won't allow me to do that. So I decided to go with a  few of these macrame plant hangers instead.

I am waiting on a few items like this mobile, 

and looking for a cute throw to toss on my bed. I'm leaning towards one of these,
option 1 
option 2

As soon as the final items arrive, I'll be sharing, way too many, photos with all the details and direct links in a new blog post. Hope you enjoyed taking a peek into our sweet l i t t l e space. Be honest, how am I doing so far as a boy mom? (still so weird to say)

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