Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jackson Jett | 33 week update

crown / bow tie
how far along: 33 weeks

weight gain: remember those 12 lbs I lost well they're back plus 4.

sleep: I no longer get a full nights sleep. I am up about 4 times each night to go to the bathroom. This has resulted in me taking naps with the girls each day and oh how I look forward to those two hours each afternoon. 

food cravings: I keep talking myself out of baking because I am trying to make a conscious effort to eat better. But all I really want to do make some cupcakes with red velvet frosting, oatmeal cookies and some banana nut muffins... yummm. 

movement: He randomly punches his fist straight out which hurts and looks so freaky but other than that he is still the gentlest little mover.  

what I'm most excited about: I am excited about getting the nursery/master bedroom done. (see more here) I am so in love with the space so far and can't wait to share all the details. 

most nervous about: I am starting to get that mommy guilt. My little Kourtney is the biggest mommy's girl, she loves to cuddle me all day long and can't sleep without me. I keep thinking about delivery day and how she is going to stay home with my sister. Jules was a little older when Kourtney was born so a sleep over at home seemed fun to her. Kourtney on the other hand has never slept a night away from me let alone left alone for a full day. I know, I'm that mom. I'm nervous for her and how she is going to react to having a little brother to share my attention with. 

names: Jackson Jett aka Jacks or baby boy. 

classes/prep: looking forward to the big sibling class the girls will be taking this month. 

what I'm wearing: I recently discovered  Ingrid & Isabel and fell in love. I especially love that everything is so comfy yet stylish. Here are the pieces I currently have and love!

what I can't live without: I gave up coffee a few months ago but with the constant interrupted sleep these days I am back to having my morning cup. 

Both of my girls came early at 36 & 38 weeks, so I am hoping this little dude got the memo because we seriously cannot wait to meet him. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter picnic

Remember our trip to Tanaka Farms (see more here)? Well we might have gone a little produce crazy. The three boxes of strawberries were gone that same weekend but we had so many fresh carrots left and I knew I needed to do something cute with them because well,  just look at them. I decided on putting together a fun little picnic with a few of the girls' favorite snacks.

When I told Jules I had a little Easter surprise for her, she got so excited and quickly picked out her flower/bunny dress, she's so my kid. She loves surprises and was super excited to see this one. Her favorite things were all the treats in the plastic eggs. I had seen the idea on Pinterest and really wanted to try it with my girls. I filled mine with grapes, raspberries and mini peanut butter eggs, they were a hit! I used my favorite, Sugarboo Designs, I love you plates, placed the fresh carrots in one of our bunny vases and laid it all out on our Gathre mat. Super simple,  quick and my girls loved it! Jules is all about holidays, so making special memories like these with her are my absolute favorite. It's even sweeter to see baby sister get excited and mimic what big sister does. I live for moments like these. 

We have partnered with Sugarboo Designs, and are giving away a set of their Melamine plates. Winner can choose their favorite design from Head on over to our Instagram, @alittlejandk to enter. Comment below for an additional entry. Giveaway ends Monday 4.10.17. 
dress and peplum set here, boots here, pom bunny ears here

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s h o p  t h e  p i c n i c  b e l o w :

Monday, April 3, 2017

baby must have Monday

Happy Monday friends! I am so excited to share this weeks, baby must have Monday,  blog post! I've gathered a little bit of everything from baby swaddles to the coolest diaper bag.

Let's start with the amazing, Fawn Design diaper bag. I first got this diaper bag in black, shortly after Kourtney was born. With two kids I quickly learned that packing all our necessities comfortably in one bag wasn't easy, neither was wearing a newborn and trying to keep track of a toddler. One of the first things I fell in love with was the different ways the bag could be used. It comes with a messenger strap plus it can be used as a backpack. This saved my life. It quickly made those trips with two so much easier. It also has lots of pockets, 10 to be exact, plus a hook on the inside for your keys. Genius, right? That alone won me over, how many times have you had to dig through your bag to find those darn things? It's also waterproof and super easy to wipe clean, plus not only is it super functional but it's also so pretty, I especially love all the gold details. There's a color for everyone, from blush and black to the newest colors, poppy and bloom. They even have mini versions for the little mommies in your lives. I mean, mini anything makes anything ten times cuter, right? 

When I had girls it was all about the bows and sparkly accessories. This time around I'm totally obsessed with all the little beanies! You'll probably always see my little Jacks in one. I've found it pretty difficult to find prints that are not so gender neutral and more boy, which is why KB Cute Designs quickly became one of my favorite shops. I love that their beanies are super soft, they have the best prints,  plus cute coordinating items like swaddles and comfy knotted gowns. 

use code: alittlejandk20 for 20% off

How cute is this teeny tiny outfit!?
If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we love everything that the ladies of,  Lulu + Roo create. My girls are always in their comfy clothes and I can't wait to get my little boyfriend in his very own L+R. They are all handmade items, super soft and perfect for year round. I had to have this little buttoned sweater for Jacks and can't wait to add to his collection. He will also be getting these cute tanks into his closet very soon and of course, I will be getting his big sisters some coordinating pieces like these adorable peplums and shorties! Ahh, I can't wait, so stinkin' cute! 

Lucky you, their summer line just launched and they are offering you a 25% off code! It can be found by signing up for their newsletter and can be used on regular priced and sale items! Plus they have free shipping on orders over $75. 

I'm so excited to get my hands on my very first The Ollie Swaddle, from The Ollie World. As babies, my girls perspired a lot while they slept, but could only sleep when swaddled, not a good combo. I had the hardest time finding a swaddle that not only worked for them but was also something that I really liked. I recently came across these and can't wait to try it on Jacks. Here are some of the reasons I am loving them...
- They are made from custom moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating
- They are one size! GENIUS
- Diaper changes are easy with the opening at the bottom
- Just look at the packaging, s o l d !

get yours at 10% offhere

Told you I loved beanies! I'm obsessed with this one from Pine and Poppy shop. Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen? I cannot wait to get newborn photos of my little man, naked, wearing only this beanie. I love supporting small shops just like this one, where all the items are all handmade by a wife and mommy. She has an endless amount of color options and styles. I went with the pom beanie in grey but also loved the pixie bonnet, it's so cute! 

use code: POPPYLOVE for 15% off

Hope you enjoyed this weeks picks! I would love to hear some of your baby must haves in the comments below...

w h a t ' s   i n   m y   d i a p e r   b a g 

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