Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter picnic

Remember our trip to Tanaka Farms (see more here)? Well we might have gone a little produce crazy. The three boxes of strawberries were gone that same weekend but we had so many fresh carrots left and I knew I needed to do something cute with them because well,  just look at them. I decided on putting together a fun little picnic with a few of the girls' favorite snacks.

When I told Jules I had a little Easter surprise for her, she got so excited and quickly picked out her flower/bunny dress, she's so my kid. She loves surprises and was super excited to see this one. Her favorite things were all the treats in the plastic eggs. I had seen the idea on Pinterest and really wanted to try it with my girls. I filled mine with grapes, raspberries and mini peanut butter eggs, they were a hit! I used my favorite, Sugarboo Designs, I love you plates, placed the fresh carrots in one of our bunny vases and laid it all out on our Gathre mat. Super simple,  quick and my girls loved it! Jules is all about holidays, so making special memories like these with her are my absolute favorite. It's even sweeter to see baby sister get excited and mimic what big sister does. I live for moments like these. 

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