Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jackson Jett | 33 week update

crown / bow tie
how far along: 33 weeks

weight gain: remember those 12 lbs I lost well they're back plus 4.

sleep: I no longer get a full nights sleep. I am up about 4 times each night to go to the bathroom. This has resulted in me taking naps with the girls each day and oh how I look forward to those two hours each afternoon. 

food cravings: I keep talking myself out of baking because I am trying to make a conscious effort to eat better. But all I really want to do make some cupcakes with red velvet frosting, oatmeal cookies and some banana nut muffins... yummm. 

movement: He randomly punches his fist straight out which hurts and looks so freaky but other than that he is still the gentlest little mover.  

what I'm most excited about: I am excited about getting the nursery/master bedroom done. (see more here) I am so in love with the space so far and can't wait to share all the details. 

most nervous about: I am starting to get that mommy guilt. My little Kourtney is the biggest mommy's girl, she loves to cuddle me all day long and can't sleep without me. I keep thinking about delivery day and how she is going to stay home with my sister. Jules was a little older when Kourtney was born so a sleep over at home seemed fun to her. Kourtney on the other hand has never slept a night away from me let alone left alone for a full day. I know, I'm that mom. I'm nervous for her and how she is going to react to having a little brother to share my attention with. 

names: Jackson Jett aka Jacks or baby boy. 

classes/prep: looking forward to the big sibling class the girls will be taking this month. 

what I'm wearing: I recently discovered  Ingrid & Isabel and fell in love. I especially love that everything is so comfy yet stylish. Here are the pieces I currently have and love!

what I can't live without: I gave up coffee a few months ago but with the constant interrupted sleep these days I am back to having my morning cup. 

Both of my girls came early at 36 & 38 weeks, so I am hoping this little dude got the memo because we seriously cannot wait to meet him. 

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  1. You look amazing! Can't wait to see this handsome little man!💙