Monday, May 22, 2017

Baby must have Monday

I have been collecting so many cute baby boy things, so get ready because I must share them with you. One of my friends on Instagram put together a little diaper changing basket for her living room, genius right? I'll share my version on the blog soon. But in her's were the cutest little changing pads from Gathre. They make portable leather mats in all sizes from baby changing pad size to large all purpose mats, perfect for park and beach dates. I love their recent collection with Rylee + Cru and picked the changing pad in Starlight Micro and the larger size in the Grid Maxi. I was sure to pick up a few extra changing pads to throw in diaper bags and to keep in my car. So convenient and so cute all at the same time.

We all know I am new to this whole baby boy thing, so finding cute one stop shops has been super helpful. I recently came across The Baby Cubby and I fell in love all. They have made shopping for baby super easy by gathering the best products and putting them all in one place. They literally have it all from strollers, baby clothing, baby accessories, to the trendiest diaper bags. I really loved the cute and hip baby boy selection they have available. I was able to come across lots of brands I never heard of that were my style. I did a little shopping and noticed that I picked a little bit of everything. Here were my favorite picks...

Bison swaddle, hat, bow tie, button-down shirt, and yes, another Gathre mat, told you I loved them!

I've mentioned L'oved baby a few times here on the blog and you will soon see Jackson, in their pj's all the time on Instagram. All their items are 100% organic cotton and cute! My must haves are their footed overalls and their wrap shirt. Those wrap shirts on a newborn, gahhhhh!

How adorable are these onesies by The Wishing Elephant? My friend, Carolyn, is known for her letter cardigans that you have probably seen the girls wearing on my Instagram. She also hand makes super cute eco felt baby costumes and funny baby onesies, like this BBQ shirt and the most adorable Top Gun suit. I've got my eye on her numbered monthly onesie set that is currently sold out. Must have that. If you're a sucker for anything personalized and witty baby onesies you'll love her shop! So excited to get my little guy in all his goodies.

One of the sweetest shops ever and I mean ever is Stella and Lu. Whit and Jess, have the best eye for cute fabric prints that they turn into the softest, fluffiest, blankets. When they found out I was pregnant they got in contact with me and we worked on some custom prints just for my little guy, told you the sweetest! How adorable did they turn out? That grey plus print just amazing and my girls are constantly pulling it out of their brothers crib to cuddle with!

Have you guys ever heard of a Moses basket? I don't know where I have been the past five years of having babies but they are totally new to me. I came across Plum + Sparrow,  online and thought it they were the cutest, smartest things ever. I love the convenience of getting to keep an eye on your baby no matter which room your in and how easily you can transport them into every room. This is pretty much going make my life so much easier with three kiddos. Imagine all the dishes I can wash, or the showers I can take all while keeping close eye on my little boyfriend.

Okay now let's talk a little about one of the baby items I am most excited about, The Owlet Smart Sock 2! It is crazy how technology has changed in the four short years Jules was born and how I did not have one of these for Kourtney is beyond me. We as mommies know that we don't much sleep when we bring home a newborn. Between changing diapers, feedings and of course running up to check to see if the new babe is breathing okay, sleep is pretty much non existent. I am always so paranoid when it comes to babies and it gets the best of me. Jules was a nicu baby so this would have totally eased my mind and Kourtney was always a wild sleeper. I'm looking forward to using this on the new guy and getting some peace of mind knowing his wellbeing while sleeping plus some much needed sleep between those feedings won't be so bad. 

This thing is genius, here is how it works: You simply place the sock on the baby's right or left foot, making sure the sensor band is wrapped around the outside of the foot and notch is below the pinky toe and you’re set! You are now able to track your babies heart rate or oxygen levels right on your phone. The phone app connects directly to the base station and displays live heart rate and oxygen levels from anywhere. The base station then collects the Smart Sock data from up to 100 feet away. If the baby's levels fall outside the preset zones the Owlet is designed to notify you using light and sound. Amazing right? The little guy will be here in a few weeks. Ahh! I will be sure to come back and do a full review on how we are loving the peace of mind and extra sleep! You can get your very own here.

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