Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Big sister hospital gifts

When I was pregnant with Kourtney I desperately wanted to make the transition super smooth for Julianne because I swore I was ruining her little 2 year old life. I had come across big sister gifts online and in true me fashion I ran with it. I may have gone a little over the top with excessive gifts and donuts to sing happy birthday to Kourtney with but it is something that Jules has always remembered. She looks back at our photo books and tells Kourt all about the day she was born and how she sang happy birthday to her. She also still has a few of the gifts like the unicorn backpack, she loves that thing and always tells everyone that her baby sister bought it for her. 

I am trying my best to make baby Jacksons arrival just as special and memorable for both girls. Jules has already started to guess what the baby might bring her and Kourt. I again, may have gone a little over the top but I can't help myself. A bag full of dollar spot items to keep them busy in the hospital room would have totally worked but I wanted to fill their gifts with memorable gifts that they can save and cherish.

1. When Fawn Design came out with their mini bags I knew I needed to have them just for this very thing. I mean how freaking cute are they? Jules is going to looooove it! They are all about being mini mommies right now so to have matching bags just like mommy has for Jackson is going to be so fun. Plus, I find any reason to twin with my girls. 

2. Bows, a girl can never have too many. Clearly baby brother already knows that and picked out some of the cutest from La Belle Baby,  for his sisters. And again, twinning bows of course.

3. My girls love to read and are into all the baby books right now, so it was only fitting I add a few big sister books to their loot. I tried my best to find age appropriate books that each girl could understand and relate to. I got this one for Kourtney (1 yr old) and this for Jules (4 yrs old).

4. One of my favorite items are their custom Made by Mary bracelets. OMG they are the cutest, tiniest, things I've ever seen.  I went with this listing in rose gold and had "big sister" engraved in the arial font. I selected the 5.5 inch child size which seems perfect for both of them. The quality of their items are amazing. I have a few necklaces, one of which I never take off. I am able to shower with it and have never had any issues. I love that the girls will get to save these forever and maybe one day pass theirs on to their first daughters when they become big sisters, & now enter all the hormonal mommy tears.

5. A big sister gift wouldn't be complete without a big sister tee! These Boco Baby outfits are so stinking cute. Can't wait to get pictures of the girls and baby boy with these on.

6. You all know I love, Hooray Everyday! When I saw their Iris woolie ball necklace I knew they had to have one. It screams "I have a new baby brother".

7. A kids gift wouldn't be complete without some chocolate! What makes this chocolate 100x better is that they are personalized m&m's. Yup, a bit over the top and I total splurged on these but look at how perfect they came out! My girls are going to freak out when they see their picture on these! I ordered mine here. Shipping was quick, quality is great and they are soooo yummy, yes I tried them. Ha prego problems. I love how I was able to pick my own picture plus the color possibilities are endless.

I am in love and can't wait to surprise the girls with their special gifts from baby brother. Oh, and we will for sure be doing the birthday donuts for Jackson because my girls are birthday obsessed just like mommy is, plus look at how cute...

Okay baby Jacks, hurry! We can't wait to sing happy birthday to you, cuddle you, smother you,  obsess over you.... hmmm maybe you should enjoy your alone time for a bit longer, I will totally understand. 

m o r e  i d e a s : 

p i n  m e :


  1. Perfect gifts! We are obsessed with Fawn design at our house too! Adorable!

    1. Thank you! Love Fawn and love it even more in the mini version.

  2. This is adorably perfect!!!!!!! Well done mama!

    1. Thank you! Seriously can't wait to surprise them with these.

  3. Where did you find the big sister signs for the doughnuts!?

    1. I can't remember the name of the etsy shop but if you search custom cupcake toppers any of those shops could definitely help you.