Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! It's an understatement to say that I am excited about this weekend. My husband has three days off which means I have big plans to relax at home and do absolutely nothing. Who am I kidding, I have garage clean up on my mind. I will be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I am just now totally feeling it. All I want to do is take naps and keep my feet up but I have been cleaning my house non stop. I organized the fridge, rearranged my cabinets and haven't stopped dusting every crevice of my house. I make sure to go to bed with everything in its place just incase, it's time. I've got the bags packed, the girls big sister gifts from Jackson made and lists and lists made for my mom when she comes over to watch the girls while I'm at the hospital. 

First up on my Friday favorites is Fawn Design. We recently got the brown bag for Jackson, aka me! I love it and knew I needed some matching ones for the girls when they released their new mini collection. So baby Jack's bougt his sisters mini blush bags that he will have waiting for them at the hospital. I'm so excited about it and will have a post dedicated to all the things that I'm putting into them soon.

Why didn't anyone warn me that shopping for a boy would be so much fun? There are so many cute things that he just has to have. I really loved these for Kourtney and recently realized they had matching bottoms, so I got them all. I also just discovered the Gap Factory tab on the Gap website. Where have I been? Love this and this, oh and these are so cute! Baby boys romper collection is getting pretty huge. I think they will be perfect for those hot summer California days. Here are some of my favorites, I also clearly have a thing for b+w. Click to shop.

We recently revamped the girls shared room, see more here. I have been looking for some cute throw blankets to add to their beds and fell in love with Kip & Co. If you've never heard of them you're going to fall in love with all the cuteness. It's no secret the girls love strawberries, so when I found this berrylicious blanket I knew they had to have it. Just look at those pom poms, I was sold! I also snagged one of their swan play mats. The girls love this thing, It's so comfy and perfect for park dates and camping out in the living room.

Now for some mommy love. I recently got these for mothers day, thanks hubby! They're so comfy and I really love the color. This pouch is my current favorite, It's great for on the go when you're running out the door solo without kids. Loving this runner, can't wait to get it on my entry table. And if I could revamp my entire dining room these are the chairs I would be getting. gahhh, so pretty right?

I've slowly started to declutter my kitchen and trying keep it simple and clean. It's so dark in there so pulling bright whites and colors like these marbled napkins has really made a huge difference. These  jars from target are my favorite. I have them in different heights on my counter.

Hope you enjoyed my little round up. Have the best holiday weekend and get your shopping on!

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  1. Wow love those little jumpsuits! My daughter has a similar one and I got her slip on sneakers to match from