Friday, May 26, 2017

julianneisims // second edition

I love this little 4 year old of mine. She is starting to pronounce her words much better these days, which is bittersweet. I want to remember all the silly things and funny words she says because they are just so cute. She has me laughing all day, with the things she says. Here are a few of my favorites!

in a  VERY busy public bathroom
jules: woah, mommy you did a big poop.
me: I didn't poop silly, I just went pee.
jules: ewwww mommmy you did a big stinky pee.

daddy: Jules, do you want to go to the Angel game?
jules: I don't want to watch the game, just eat hotten candy.

to make Kourtney laugh she rubs her head on her belly and says, "what you thinking about".

me: Jules say "cheese".
jules: no, not cheese say "target".

me: Jules why are you so cute?
jules: be, betause I yuv you.

me: (singing) I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....
jules: well, mommy I'm dreaming of a peppa pig Christmas!

jules : mommy, when we go places everyone says they love my red hair, right?
me: yes baby, eeeeveryone loves it.
jules : What do they say about your brown hair?
me: nothing.
jules: well mommy, I really love your brown hair.

jules: mommy, where is my daddy?
me: he had to work today baby.
jules: (starts crying) well, I'm just so mad at my daddy! I wanted him to stay home and tuddle me!

me: what are you going to ask Santa for?
jules: for a jeep and a peppa pig toy because I have been really good and I think he will get me two things. And I think he's only bringing Tourtey one thing because she's bad.
me: awe... well, I think your sister will get two things too because she's trying to be good. Remember we need to teach her to to be good because she's a baby.
jules: but mommy she's just really really bad. She's only getting one toy!

me: Jules what would you ever do without your sister?
jules: umm. I would play with all my shopkins and play doh!

dance teacher: do you ladies want the fish or heart stickers?
jules: in dead silence she yells, "the SHIT!" She can't pronounce her f's. I promise we worked real hard on those f's when we left.

jules : mommy I had a dream about baby brother and he had black hair and was suuuuuuuper cute!
me : awe you're so sweet! We are going to have to wait and see what color hair baby Jesus decided to give our baby. It might be red.
jules: well, I want him to have black hair so you and daddy can have a baby thats the same as you.

You're welcome!

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