Monday, June 5, 2017

little babes summer style

suits above c/o Olivia and ocean

Summer is right around the corner and these girls are so ready for long beach days. We are guilty of living in Southern California and never have taken the girls to the beach here. We took Jules to Hawaii when she was two but that doesn't count because she doesn't remember.  We did take family photos on the beach once. Jules could not focus because she was too busy rolling in the sand. She cried when we left that day and hasn't let me forget that I promised to take her back. I am determined to step up my fun mommy game and take them to every beach around and spending hours there letting them splash in the water and roll like crazies in the sand, heck, I'll even get crazy and let Kourtney get her way and eat some sand. Here are some of my favorite coordinating suits. 

p i n  m e :
leopard and rainbow here / Mint one piece here

s h o p  b e l o w :

suits by June & January

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