Tuesday, July 11, 2017

a restful nights sleep with Owlet Smart Sock 2

We are now in newborn week four, how we got here so quickly is beyond me. The newborn phase this third time around has been a mix of easy and hard. Easy because well, this is my third and I would like to think that I know what I'm doing. I've got the (boy) diaper changing and nursing down, I've even got a nice daily routine with all three kiddos going. The thing that hit me like a ton of bricks that I wasn't expecting was the sleep or lack there of. I felt like a zombie the first week. I was so tired but not the normal, "I just had a baby tired". It was totally different this time because of the little scare we had during Jacksons first night. I was finally dozing off when I heard him gasping for air then started choking. I remember scooping him right up and immediately calling in the nurse. She let me know that it was normal and that most newborns get it from the amniotic fluid they swallow during delivery. I had never experienced this with my girls so it totally freaked me out. Needless to say I slept a total of maybe five hours the first three days of his life. Luckily the choking happened here and there while we were in the hospital. Once we were home I was still constantly making sure his little chest was moving up and down but was able to take naps and sleep much better at night knowing that the Owlet was also keeping an eye on him for me.

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 is hands down my favorite baby product so far. It is a sock we place on Jackson's little foot every night. It is able to track his heart rate and oxygen and will notify us on the Owlet app and the Owlet base if they fall outside the preset zones. The phone app connects directly to the base station and displays live heart rate and oxygen levels from anywhere. How amazing is that? It is one of our favorite features because we can easily check everything from our phones. Jason especially loves this since he works some night shifts here and there so he is able to keep a close eye and work comfortably knowing our little guy is home sleeping safe and sound.

I am still not sure how we ever lived without it. It is definitely a mommy must have, trust me splurge on it, you will be so happy you did! It has brought my husband and I so much peace of mind and lots of peaceful sleep. Not only are my husband and I benefiting from it but all my kiddos are getting a happy well rested mommy and daddy, which is priceless.

Thank you Owlet Baby Care for collaborating on this post. 


  1. I totally wish I would have had this with my babes! So smart!


  2. I could not live without this product!!! Seriously a must have for parents!!!

  3. Wow! How come I didn't know this 10 months ago?


  4. Jackson is the cutest! And totally wish I had this for my girls. So neat!