Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jackson Jett / Fresh 48

There's something so special about capturing all that newborn goodness. Getting those rolls, the wrinkly toes and that perfect squishy face on camera is something you will cherish forever. When I gave birth to Jules and Kourt I tried my best to capture them the best I could but those first few hours are so hectic, all I wanted to do was cuddle them and to be honest I always forgot to take those "must have" shots. I knew when I was pregnant with Jackson that I was going to get my bff, Lauren Pollard, to capture those first moments of my very first son. I am so glad I went for it because I have the moment my girls were able to hold and cuddle their baby brother for the first time, his head full of hair which is now balding, and those perfectly full lips all captured. If you're thinking about doing a fresh 48 session, splurge on it, you won't regret it. Here are like, 103948575 photos of Jackson. Enjoy!

I could not wait to have the girls burst into the room and cuddle their baby brother. They came early the next day and were so surprised by the gifts Jacks brought them. (You can read more about their big sister gifts here.) But they were even more excited to get their cuddles in. Guys, my heart could explode at how cute and good and obsessed they were. They could not keep their hands or lips off the little guy, nothing much has changed since. ha.

Is anyone still even here after all those photos? Really though, I couldn't help myself, I just love them all, Lauren did amazing. If you're in the Los Angeles, OC, San Diego area and need a photographer email her at Lauren Pollard Photography at gmail dot com. Trust me, she's the best and you'll love her. Lucky you she is offering my readers 10% one session, just mention a little j +k.


  1. We did these with our daughter as well, priceless!! These pictures are perfection and something you will cherish! Love them! Congrats mama!!

    1. Thank you so much. They really are so special and wish I would have done them with my girls.