Monday, July 10, 2017

Jackson Jett / one month update

J A C K S O N, 

We have been in baby Jackson heaven for 30 days, 720 hours, 43,200 minutes, 2,592,000 seconds and I coundn't imagine life any other way. You have stolen all of our hearts and have us three girls wrapped around your teeny tiny little finger. This newborn phase is my absolute favorite age. I love how much you need me, I love how I am the only one that can calm you down and I love the way you jerk your head around the second you hear my voice. It is the absolute best and I have been soaking in every second and selfishly hogging you all up. Really though,  I've officially been named "the baby hog" by your daddy & it's a title I will gladly take. 

This boy thing that everyone tells us girl moms about is real, so so unbelievably real. I was so nervous to add you to our girl gang. I was scared I wouldn't know how to love you or let alone how to take care of you. ( p.s. If you're having a boy, throw all that nonsense away.)  But it's pure heaven and I have this amazing, overprotective crazy love for you, my little buddy. I am so lucky to get to experience it. I always whisper in your little ear that God just knew I needed you. Jackson, you were   always meant to be my little boyfriend. My little boyfriend that is growing like crazy and I am not okay with it.

I love you more than you will ever know,

.o n e . m o n t h . s t a t s. 

g r o w t h 
weight: 10lbs 8oz (birth 7lbs 5oz)
length: 21in
head: 15in
clothing size: moved up to 0-3 months
diaper size: 1

e a t i n g 
I have been blessed and have had zero problems breasfeeding my girls and Jackson was no different. We are successfully exclusively breastfeeding. YAY! The second he was placed on me he was ready to nurse. My milk came in around day 4 and it's been pretty easy since. He gets a little frustrated latching in the beginning but he does pretty good other wise. He eats like he is never going to eat again, its one of the differences I've noticed between him and the girls. He is an eater and growing so so quick. He only lost 2 oz after birth and gained a little over a pound in one week, even the dr was shocked. He is currently nursing on demand, usually around every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 hours at night. He has also been doing some cluster feedings before bedtime. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I am also pumping. I am doing it to start to build up a little "emergency" stash plus the girls really love to help and play mommy. He has only had one bottle just so they can help feed him and took it well. I am currently pumping once a day, 30 minutes after his morning feeding and getting about 3-4 oz each session. I am also using this hand free milk collector. It is amazing and everyone of you nursing mommies need! I collect about 3.5 oz each feeding so you can only imagine what my freezer looks like. It's seriously the easiest thing to use. If  nursing on the right, you attach it to your left and instead of wasting milk into your nursing pads you collect all your leaking milk into this pump. I'll share more about our breastfeeding story in a blog post soon. Right now, we have a great routine going and I am enjoying all the bonding time we get to ourselves.  

s l e e p 
Jackson has been such a dream baby. I hate to speak too soon but he has been such an easy baby. He just eats and sleeps and sleeps. He is sleeping longer stretches at night, thank you dude! He has been doing two 3-4 hour stretches and just did 5 hours last night. That was amazing! He gets fussy around 8 every night. This means he is ready for a diaper change, to be wrapped and for a long nursing stretch. He will nurse for about 40 minutes, I burp him and place him in his dock a tot.  He loves his little bed and sleeps perfectly in it all night. We do the same thing, nurse, burp, dock, again at 11:30, 4:30 and 7:30. After that 7:30 feeding I put him back in his dock, I get up get the girls and myself breakfast, pump and Im ready for him again around 10ish. He is so so good to me. And he pretty much sleeps all day. He has been awake a little more here and there throughout the day which has been super fun for all of us!

f i r s t s 
He just celebrated his first holiday and the girls and I were so excited. Jules is so my child and was stoked that they he got to wear a festive outfit with her and Kourt. She kept telling everyone that they all matched.

First bath.

He also had his first bottle. 
First matching with daddy moment. Could you die? I seriously can't handle this.

His first outing was to watch Jules at her recital. He did so good both days and slept the entire 2 hour show.

f u n . f a c t s 
He has changed so much. When I first saw him I told Jason he looked exactly like him, just like Jules did. Then I saw only Kourtney for a while, then exactly like all my baby pictures, he definitely has my mouth and nose. But I'm starting to see nothing but Jules again. He's just a perfect mix of all of us and I love watching him grow and become his own little person.

He is also losing all of that gorgeous dark hair I knew he was going to have. He has a little receding hair line going on and it's the best thing ever. His hair has also lightened up lots.

One of the things we are always keeping our eyes on are his eyes! Those things change daily. One day they look blue and the other they look green. Can't wait to see what color they turn but I'm hoping he gets daddy's green eyes.

s i b l i n g s
These girls are obsessed with their little baby! Jules asked for another baby for so long that she thinks he is hers. They cannot keep their hands off of him. He literally gets kissed and smothered all day long and it's the sweetest thing. Jules copies whatever I tell him so she now refers to him as her handsome, and little buddy. So cute. Kourtney learned what gentle is very quickly and has not taken her lips off that boy. They've already named him the prince, put a bow on him and bring him all the my little ponies. The first thing on Jules' shopping list for him is a blue tea set.  I can't wait to see how their relationship grows.

p a r e n t i n g
Life's been crazy fun. Delivery didn't go as planned so postpartum pain was something that hit me hard. So much so that Jason took an extra week off to help me. Sleep also took a toll on me. I was never this tired with the girls. My eyes trembled trying to stay up during night time feedings and I was constantly dozing off while sitting up. I was so scared to have Jason go back to work after being spoiled for three weeks. I didn't know how I was going to handle three kiddos, two under two, two babies. It's been so much easier than I expected. I don't know how I got so lucky with such amazing kiddos but they are the ones that made this transition easy on me. Jules has always been such a great helper, she is seriously so amazing and helps me with Kourtney when I am nursing the baby. Kourtney likes to be just like her big sister so she has been a great helper too. The girls' bond has grown since Jacksons arrival and I have loved getting to watch that. They are playing better together and really don't leave each others side. I'm not sure if thats all because of the baby or because Kourtney is just growing and almost two. Yup, two! And Jackson is a newborn so he is so easy, he's like clockwork so I always know what to expect. It has been easy to add Jackson and keep our old routine. Stay at home mom life is going great. I feel like I've got the home part down I will let you know how my first outing with three is when that time comes, which probably won't be for a while because t h r e e ! This transition would not have been as smooth as it has been without Jason. We are so lucky to have been blessed with such an amazing husband and daddy. He is a man that can do it all from diapers and cuddles to cooking and laundry. He spoils the heck out of us and we are forever thankful for our man. 

o n e . m o n t h . p h o t o . d u m p 


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