Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekend fun

It's officially Friday and I am just sharing about the fun filled weekend we had. That right there should give you some insight as to how busy and hectic my life has been lately. So hectic but so unbelievably fun! We spent most of last weekend together at home as a family. It was something we all need and we enjoyed every single moment.

suit / shorts
We lived in our pajamas for three days. Yup, we have been enjoying three day weekends lately thanks to Jason's amazing paternity leave at work. He gets six weeks to use over the course of a year, so he is spreading it out and taking every Monday off. I know, we are so spoiled. Needless to say we gave daddy lots of kisses, watched trolls on repeat, made homemade burgers, had a mini Target date with Jules and spent most of our time outside. It was the most perfect time together making memories that I hope they will never ever forget. Now for my photo dump... enjoy!


s h o p

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