Friday, August 18, 2017

Jackson Jett / two month update

g r o w t h 
weight: 13lbs 2oz (+6lbs since birth)
length: 24in 
clothing size: 3 months
diaper size: 2

e a t i n g 
He is still nursing like a champ, every 3 ours during the day and doing 4-5 hour stretches at night. Since month one we have discovered that he has an allergy to dairy. I first noticed it the day after I had frozen yogurt. He was extremely fussy, didn't sleep the whole night and was screaming his head off right before each poop. I just knew something wasn't right especially once his poop turned green, then we found blood in one of his diaper changes. His doctor confirmed it once we described all his symptoms. She let us know that green poop and/or blood is a sign of allergy and wanted me to eliminate all dairy and soy to see if there were any improvements. It has been three weeks now since I changed my diet and we are finally seeing a huge difference in Jacks. Just after a few days his poops were back to normal, he was having a few fussy moments here and there but he is pretty much back to his normal happy self. I'm not going to lie, giving up dairy was not easy at first. It's literally in everything. But I've been adjusting well and would do anything for my little boyfriend. Remember all that milk I told you I had saved up? Well, we can no longer use it since I had pumped it when I had dairy in my system. I'm hoping to donate it to someone that needs it instead of throwing all that liquid gold away. If you have any recommendations I'd love the link below. I haven't pumped since we started eliminating dairy. The doctor told me it would take about a month for it to all be out of my system so Ive put it on hold until then.

s l e e p 
He is still a great sleeper. I found that wrapping all my babies early on helps them associate that with bedtime. I have never had any issues with any of them getting their days and nights mixed up. Jacks is 9 weeks now and with the help of our nightly routine he is already on his own schedule. He starts fussing to get wrapped around 7:30 every night. The second he is wrapped he is so happy, nurses and is out for the next 4 hours. He wakes up around midnight then again around 5am. He's the best and is spoiling the heck out of me at night. Daytime we have a little bit of an issue. I have noticed that he likes to fight his sleep, and is only happy when he is in my arms. whoops.

f i r s t s 
Jacks has been making us swoon with all those smiles. He smiles the most with mommy and even gave me his very first coo.

He's blessed with three great grandmas and got to meet all of them this month. Theres something special about seeing your grandma with your babies. Here he is meeting both of mine...

First story with daddy.

First sports gear

f u n . f a c t s 
He was born with a head full of super dark hair that turned light brown then it all fell. He's now bald, so so bald.

He smiles and talked to mommy first. He smiles here and there for others but seeing him give me the good smiles makes me so happy.

s i b l i n g s
Not much has changed here. The girls LOVE him. My favorite thing to hear is when they refer to him as "my baby". They just love this guy and can't get enough of him. Jules is already planning her wedding to him. She insists that she is going to marry her baby brother. They are going to have McDonalds for dinner, candies, she's wearing a purple dress and I am going to carry him at the alter because he is still a baby. I think it is the cutest thing ever and won't be correcting her anytime soon.

p a r e n t i n g
I'm officially out of zombie mode. YAY! I am not going to lie, it's hectic. There are kids screaming and laughing and crying all day long. It's overwhelming sometimes when all the babies are sad and crying but I  wouldn't have it any other way. My mom took the girls a few weekends ago and Jason and I were so unbelievably bored and it was way too quiet. We missed the crazy. I'm going to enjoy it all now and look forward to when they get a little older and can all play together because this parenting thing goes way too fast. I hate to think about this but I'm going to be so sad when this house  really is quiet and all these kids are gone. What they heck will Jason and I do with ourselves? ha

o n e . m o n t h . p h o t o . d u m p

my growing, jackson jett

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  1. His little smirk! *insert heart eyes here* He's such handsome guy. I'm so glad that you figured out his allergies and that you guys are doing well. :)