Tuesday, October 31, 2017

step right up

Fun fact #1: Jason and I met on Halloween 14 years ago today! I was 17 years old, dressed like a cat and fell head over heels for some Brad Pitt guy from Fight Club. I remember asking him what Fight Club was and he was so appalled. Funny thing is, I still ask him ridiculous questions like that all the time and I think he secretly loves that about me. 

Fun fact #2: 9 years later I was admitted to the hospital on Halloween with Jules. It was so weird and felt like it was meant to be somehow. Jason and I reminisced about our young love, how blessed we had been and how crazy it was that 9 years later, on the exact day, we were about to start our own family. Jules however didn't get the Halloween memo. I always say she decided to come the next day because she wanted her own day. 

Needless to say, October 31st will always hold a special place in our hearts. It quickly became our favorite holiday and we have always made it a big deal. So much so that Jules loves "happy hadoween" (what she calls it, which is what we all call it now) probably because of umm, candy. Plus, she knows her birthday is the very next day. I love reliving the day we met and telling her all about it every year. This turned into a total sappy story but I just love this man and the unbelievable blessed journey we have had. If you're reading, Jason, there's no one else I'd pick to raise this crazy circus with! 

Oh, and last but not least,

Fun fact #3: I get countless stares everywhere we go because of the girls' hair. With the stares come the silly questions like, "Is that their natural hair color?!" I've gotten used to it the past 5 years but since adding a third to the group those, "Wow, look at those girls" stares have turned into "OMG look at that CIRCUS," "Why did you have three kids?!" stares. Plus, the comments about how full my hands must be are out of control. So here ya go people, this is just me and my wild circus and I love it!  

I have been wanting to do this theme since Jules was born and we finally had enough babies to pull it off! Everything is a mix of items I handmade, like our headpieces, the wagon & the clown collar. The barbell, my jewelry and the mustache were all from a Halloween store. I found Jason's shirt at H&M and just cut off the sleeves. Believe it or not, I pulled the girls' outfits straight out of their closets to put together my own version of a tightrope walker and ringmaster clown. My outfit is also made from things I own.