Wednesday, December 6, 2017

an elf on the shelf breakfast

She is back! Strawberry the Elf brought her annual North Pole breakfast and it's safe to say the girls loved it! Jules had heard from a few kids that their elves were back and she was so anxious to see hers. She was waking up every day, since before Thanksgiving, excited to see if her elf had arrived. So Strawberry finally decided to show up on December 1st. It was so cute to hear Jules talking to herself that morning. She thought we were all sleeping, walked to the living room and said, "She came, she's here and she did all this! I'm so excited, I love December!" Then she sang, Santa Clause is Coming to Town and it was the cutest thing ever. 

My little table scape came together at the very last minute, the night before to be exact. I knew I was going to make Christmas tree pancakes because they're a hit every year. I've been doing them since Jules was able to eat real food and have tweaked them every year by adding powdered sugar, stars at the top and even added Christmas lights with some skittles last year. Everything kinda just fell into place from there. I had the mint colored stands, which I got form the Target dollar section. The plates and napkins were leftovers from Jules' birthday party. I went through my ribbon drawer and found the trims Strawberry is swinging on. And we just recently bought and set up the gingerbread houses and trees in the girls play kitchen.  Jules thought was hilarious that she stole her decorations. Holidays with kids is 100x better. It's like you're a kid again and getting to experience all the magic through their eyes. I just love it!

Most of the things we used are sold out so I linked as many of them plus similar items below. Leave a comment if you have any specific questions. :)

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