Tuesday, December 12, 2017

little girls holiday guide

My girls are two and five and pretty much love all of the same things so I knew this list would be fairly easy. They do pretty well at sharing, especially when it comes to bigger items. But all the smaller things like dolls and doll accessories, we need two of because, well, they're sisters and fighting does tend to happen a lot around here. One of my favorite parts about Christmas is giving gifts and seeing my kids' faces light up (and let's be honest, a pair of boots and some sweaters just isn't going to cut it).  Call me a bad mom, but I just love spoiling my kids at Christmas time. I ended up getting a little bit of everything from, toys they really wanted to some more classic pieces that they can have for years to lots of things that will keep them entertained and learning all at the same time. 

Most of the big items will be shared by Jules and Kourt, like the easel and doll house. They actually saw that doll house on tv and both screamed, "I want that!" I knew I just had to get it as a gift,  except they asked Santa's elves to make one with a pink door so I'm getting to work on that asap! I also ordered these peg dolls and will be painting each one to look like each member of our little family. I think they're going to love that! And they love art, just like mommy, so this easel is going to be a hit. I'm actually not sure why they don't already own one! I plan on adding some cute clear jars and color coordinating art pieces in them to display on the tray. They are into the whole dress up, house, mommy thing, so most of these gifts really reflect that. I think I'm most excited about giving Jules that mini Moana doll costume. If you watch our stories on Instagram you know how much she LOVES her Moana costume. She wears it every single day, it's the first thing she she puts on when she wakes up. If you're a girl mom, you know how big of a hit these BIG l.o.l dolls are this year. I had the hardest time finding one until one of my Instagram mommy friends helped me out. Thank you so much again! I also got them these Lucy Darling Shop, The Little Years, memory books. I'd say they're more for me but I just know they'll love looking though them when they grow up. I just love this phase of their life and can't wait to see Christmas through their eyes again this year. 

Here are some more fun ideas. I usually like to get them boots and cute jackets for Christmas. And even some smaller toys that they can take on the road with us because they love packing a little bag every time we leave the house. We also started building our game collection last year so we are adding some must have classics this time around. Since Jules started school she is so eager to learn and is especially loving her educational games and books, so we are updating that a bit to include some toddler friendly pieces for Kourt too. 

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