Tuesday, March 20, 2018

easter basket ideas for your little boys

New overly excited boy mom here! I had such a fun time putting this together for Jacks. Since he is our first boy he is constantly needing new things because he lives in a house full of girl toys and sadly can't pull off all the girls hand me downs. I never thought shopping for a boy could be so much fun, I love all the little man outfits, mini daddy looks, and clearly gravitate towards neutrals. I ended up getting him things that he obviously needs like clothes and shoes, the basket is going under his crib for storage, plus all the teething toys because my poor guy can't catch a break is is breaking teeth left and right. What are some tings you are getting your little men? This new boy mom would love to hear. 

Hope this gave you some good ideas for your littles. If you loved it, please feel free to pin it. :)

m o r e  i d e a s 

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