Wednesday, June 27, 2018

tooth fairy fun

I can't believe I'm even writing this but, Julianne lost her first tooth! I wish I would have recorded the whole thing so you could have heard me and Jules freaking out. Her tooth was barely hanging on and she was complaning about it bothering her when she ate, so I gave her a flossing pick. She was sitting on the couch watching tv flossing her tooth when the floss got stuck. She freaked. I freaked. We were both screaming because we couldn't get it out. She got so nervous she pulled back as I was holding the pick and poof the tooth fell out. We looked at each other and started laughing as she picked it up off her dress. Then she screamed with excitement and I cried. Literally balled my eyes out as I tried hugging her. She squirmed out of my arms and screamed again and again, and I cried more because she pulled away. lol 

As sad I was was, I had to do something special to celebrate! That joy you see in your babies eyes when something this magical and big happens is what I live for. It's one of my favorite things about being a mommy. Making memories with them and getting to experience all the magic again, only this time through their eyes, is just pure magic in itself. So I put on my tooth fair wings, set up the fairy door, glittered all my dollars and sprinkled her room with an obnoxious amount of glitter. Then I took an obscene amount of photos of my girls new, even cuter, smile.

What did the tooth fairy leave?
1. A sparkly glitter banner. Jules said she left that because it was her first tooth and she knows just how much we girls love to celebrate! Spot on girlfriend.
2. A little goodie bag filled with a new tooth paste and tooth brush. I will do this every now and again when a new brush is needed. 
3. A certificate where the tooth fair rated her tooth and noted which tooth she lost. 
4. A little envelope full of real fairy dust.
5. A miniature note from the tooth fair herself congratulating her on losing her first tooth. She also thanked her for setting up a fairy door because it made the visit super easy. 
6. The oh so sparkly dollar bills. For sure the biggest hit!

How did I glitter the money?
I honestly had no idea how to do this. I ran to target at the last minute and grabbed whatever I could find. I didn't think that the glitter I got would work but it turned out SO GOOD and was super easy. My one pointer would be to spray the money very lightly and make sure at least one glitter is super fine. The fine glitter is what stick on the easiest. Once you lightly spray the adhesive just sprinkle the glitter over the money and wait for it to dry. Super easy and so fun!

Where did I get the printable's?
Etsy! I found this bundle and knew Jules would love how girly it was. Karina, from WestieCrew, was super sweet and very easy to work with. The listing is non editable, meaning she adds in your Childs name and the date the tooth was lost. Since I ordered ahead of time I asked her to leave out the dates. This actually worked out perfectly since I can just print out a few copies at a time and stamp in the dates as needed. I also ordered this stamp to use for the dates. Ours didn't get here on time so I had to write it in this time.

Where did she put her tooth before bed?
Jules was so worried where her tooth would go. She did not want it under her pillow incase it got lost and wanted to make sure the tooth fairy would find it. I hit Etsy again, this time with Jules and let her pick her very own custom pillow. How perfect is this!? It just so happened to match the printable's perfectly! If you're doing to go this route too make sure to order ahead. Since they are custom they take a while to make. Unfortunately, we weren't able to use it for her first tooth because It didn't arrive on time.We ended up using this super cute glow in the dark tooth I bought last year.

how did the tooth fairy come in?
The tooth fairy door, duh! Isn't this thing the cutest ever? We have had this door since Jules started sleeping in her own room. We used it as a reward system, every night she slept in her bed a fairy would come in and leave her a little treat. Then Kourt came along and ripped it off the wall once she was mobile. Jules and I were so excited to pull it out and put it up on a shelf away from any babies! lol Here is the one we have!

Hope that was helpful for all those that asked. If you use any of these ideas I would love to see! Be sure to tag me on instagram, @alittlejandk. Oh, and for you pro tooth fairies, what do you do with their teeth? save them? I didn't have the heart to throw hers away so I stick it in my jewelry box. Id love to hear your ideas on that!  

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