Thursday, July 12, 2018

diy kid bracelets / a fun way to teach your kids their letters and sounds

Summer break is in full effect over here. We have been doing swimming, movies, playing in our backyard all day, doing pajama days on the regular and making a ton of bracelets for friends, each other, even the girls dollies are getting bracelets. This by far has been their favorite summer activicty. The girls can sit and work on bracelets for well over an hour. Winning! I was on a mission to find something fun Jules could do to learn her letters and sounds. These Letter beads have helped a ton! She likes to sit there and spell out different words and has learned so much, all while having fun!

I love the pastel kit! If you're just starting and are going to buy just one thing, I highly recommend it! It comes with everything you need and the beads are so girly and pretty. I tried using the clasps it came with but I found that it was just a waste of time getting it all together since knotting the stretchy string the kit comes with works amazing! Plus a few of the clasp ones are the only ones that have come undone. 

s h o p  b e l o w :

assorted letter beads


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