Tuesday, August 21, 2018

back to School surprise

Still in shock that Jules started Kindergarten. She is going to a private school about 25 minutes away form our house so this morning was a little crazy. Okay, a lot crazy. I woke up super early made a big breakfast for our annual back to school breakfast and totally didn't take the drive to school into account. By the time I got myself and the three kids ready we were rushing and ended up eating pancakes on the way to school. Major fail. I felt so bad and  had to make it up to them with an after school surprise. Heres to hoping to get it together tomorrow. 

I was shopping at target and saw a colorful Dr.Seuss sign and knew I wanted to use that same pastel color theme! It's a favorite book around here, we even used a quote on last years breakfast (here). I sent the photo to my friend over at, Pearl & Jane. I told her what and needed and she created the cutest pieces for us! I loved the way it turned out and Jules was so excited to see it all up.  

p i n  m e