Monday, October 29, 2018

halloween fun with JCPenney

If having too many costumes in October is wrong, I don't want tot be right! I'm a sucker when it comes to costumes and all things dress up so I couldn't say no when the girls asked for these JCPenney dresses. Then Jules pointed out the Olaf and I was sold! Kourtney was so excited to have high heels and hasn't taken those shoes off since we got them. 

shop their costumes here:

Anna Boots -
Elsa/Cinderella Shoes -
Anna Costume -
Elsa Costume -
Olaf  Costume -

If you're looking for last minute Halloween costumes head to your nearest JCPenney! I was shocked to find so many costumes and accessories for the whole family! Plus you can't beat the prices. We got such an amazing deal on the girl's dresses!

here are a few of my favorite themed costumes!

buddy the elf family / princess and prince family / mickey and friends family

This blog post was sponsored by JCPenny. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support my family.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Easy DIY wind-up doll costumes with Mini Boden

Halloween is hands down our favorite holiday! Jules and I are probably the most obsessed and tend to over do it with halloween costumes because we come up with one too many ideas. 
As much as we love halloween and dressing up we also love to diy and try and to save some money along the way by buying items we can use all year round and using things we already have in our closets. You don't have to spend a ton of money on store bought costumes to have something special and unique!

We worked with Mini Boden to bring you an easy DIY costume that can double as a cute outfit any other day. When I came across the girls dresses I fell in love and knew I needed to incorporate them somehow. Then I saw those sweet bunny shoes and the doll costume just fell into place. All I needed was some cute makeup and a super sparkly wind up key!

what you need for the doll costume:
*Best part about this costume is you can grab some cute items you already own*
- sweet dress
- knee high / lace socks
- Maryjanes
- doll inspired makeup
- wind up key

Here is what I did for the key:

1. s u p p l i e s 
- toilet paper or paper towel rolls
- scissors
- glue dots or hot glue gun
- coordinating ribbon
- glitter paper 

2. c u t  g l i t t e r  p a p e r 
- measure the glitter paper around the roll and cut.

3. g l u e / c o v e r  r o l l s 
- add glue dots on all four sides of the glitter paper and cover the rolls. 
This was easier and less messy for me to use glue dots but you can use a glue gun if you prefer. 

4. a d d  r  i b b o n  b e l t 
- slit each side of the rolls with scissors or an x-acto knife, slide ribbon into them and make a knot. This is going to be the belt that wraps around your childs waist, so be sure to measure them before cutting the ribbon. 

5. c u t + a d d   k e y 
- I drew the key four times, cut them out and glued them together. Be sure to make the key as long as your toilet paper roll. I just added a few glue dots to the end and stuck it into the roll. 

& done! super easy and costs less than $8! 

s h o p   t h e i r   l o o k :

bunny mary janes / vintage pink dress /polka dot dress / socks

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

J+K and that little pink door / halloween edition

I am so behind on blogging about this little house I DIY'd over the summer. I promise I'm going to get on it as soon as the October madness dies down over here. But for now I had to share the little halloween makeover it got. Be sure to follow along on instagram, #jkandthatlittlepinkdoor. ha yes, it's got it's own hashtag! 

yes, we wrapped our flamingos and turned them into mummies and fancied up mr.bones. 

happy sweatshirts c/o Jean & June 
halloween garland c/o Pearl and Jane
decorations all from Target.
Modern outdoor playhouse from KidKraft Toys


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

easy tips to make your kids lunch box fun + cute

Hello, I'm Karissa, the crazy mom that lives for making their kids lives extra, extra!  Please tell me I'm not alone. I have been posting a few of my lunch inspo's on my instagram (here) and always get asked how I have time time or energy to do this kinda stuff. I honestly love this kinda stuff + this fuels my creative outlet. I promise it doesn't take too long, itsn't super expensive and honestly is worth it when your picky little eater looks forward to getting surprised everyday and actually eats their lunch! If you want to be a little extra with me, here are a few tips to help you make your kids lunch fun + cute. 

1.  c u t e   l u n c h   b o x 

We have this set from stuckonyou. I love how are their products are customizable and can be personalized with your childs name. Jules clearly loves unicorns so she went that route but they have so many options available for both girls and boys. This bento box is what makes making lunches easy and makes the presentation look so neat and thought out. I get asked a lot if they leak into the other compartments and the answer is no! We have packed yogurt and noodles before and have had zero issues. I also really like the different inserts that are available. The labeling in each of them makes deciding what healthy things to pack a little easier. 

2.  f e s t i v e   s a n d w i c h   c u t t e r s   +   s n a c k s 

This is probably Jules' favorite thing ever! When she first started school all she asked for was a unicorn sandwich. Found this set on amazon and use it so much. You don't even have to have a sandwich cutter, simple cookie cutters would totally work too! This is a simple way to make their pb&j's festive. Imagine all the jack o lanterns you can do in October ohhh and the the cute Christmas trees and Santas in December! So fun and so cheap! I also love to pack a fun little themed treat in each lunch, wheather it's this unicorn poop or fun apple fruit snacks for Johnny Appleseed day. Just ordered some black and orange yogurt  covered raisins for October!

3.  f e s t i v e   n a p k i n s 

Again super easy and cheap! You can get these fun themed napkins on one of your (many) weekly Target trips. 

4.  f u n  + c o l o r f u l   a c c e s s o r i e s 

These hands down make lunch time fun! Super easy and helps keep their lunch box clean when you're doing messier foods. I like packing fun little acrylic forks and cupcake toppers so Jules can eat with! The best part is they're acrylic and can be washed and reused. 

5.  s w e e t   n o t e s

Another stuckonyou find! I absolutely love these. They personalized and a perfect way to remind you little ones that you're missing and thinking about them. 

I make her lunches the night before so I'm not scrambling around in the morning. I refrigerate it all unless I'm making her a grilled cheese or giving her left over pasta, etc. If thats the case then I make/warm it up in the morning right before we leave. I use these ice packs to keep her food cool and use this to keep her food warm. I'm also not the best at picking healthy options since Jules is so picky so I have to get creative. I get most of my ideas on Pinterest. If you'd like some ideas follow my school lunch board, here

 one of the lunches Jules loves: 
heart bp&j / heart strawberries / cut up pepperoni stick / babybel cheese / pumpkin seeds / veggie chips

Jules is all about rainbows and unicorns right now so the first two months of school were full of colorful lunches. I'm super excited to be in October and start making her some spooky lunches full of spiders and eyeballs. I'm working on getting a few halloween lunch ideas together and will be back with some creepy lunches, here on the blog. Hope this inspired you to get creative and have fun.

m o r e   f u n   o p t i o n s 

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