Friday, November 2, 2018

six year old birthday gift guide

It was so bittersweet to hear Jules' birthday list this year. She asked for things I didn't think she was into like makeup and Adidas, like what? Who is she? She also requested Paris inspired clothes. She is obviously still into rainbows, unicorns and a l.o.l's so I had to grab some fun pieces. She is also getting into music. She has grown up hearing her daddy play his guitars since she came home from the hospital so the second she asked him for a guitar he jumped on it. She seriously made him so proud. She of course wanted this pink one. We got her a few things to go with it like the unicorn headphones, this teeny tiny mini amp and of course, some unicorn picks. She had been eying that caboodle from target for a while now so I grabbed it and filled it with all sorts of fun things, like this unicorn lipgloss, some unicorn gum, l.o.l lipgloss, a sleep mask, and some pretty jewelry from Poppy Lane and co. We also got her this moped that she had to have because she needs to be fancy like, Fancy Nancy. She swears the show was made after her. Needless to say, she is the worlds most spoiled six year old little girl. She loved all her gifts. My favorite part had to have been when she opened her box of clothes and screamed "these are my Paris clothes!". Gosh, I just love my fancy girl!

My best advice is to go to Claire's to find things to fill the caboodle with! I swore I would never let my kids shop there but they love it and some of the things are actually kinda cute. Plus they always have buy three get three free which is awesome when you're trying to fill a pretty large container like this one. Heres what I filled that cute caboodle with:


  1. Where did you get the Fancy Nancy type ride on?

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