Sunday, August 11, 2019

Back to school teacher gift

Not sure if this is a "thing" but we did this last year with Julianne's kindergarten teachers and they were so appreciative. We love our school and our super loving teachers, so we figured we'd do it again this year. I didn't have an idea what we were going to do until Jules grabbed this gold apple paper weight at Target and said she wanted to get it for her teacher, it all sorta just clicked from there. We walked around target searching for letter stickers and found these gold ones, also loved the rainbow stickers so we grabbed those too. I had ordered my girls some personalized pencils (here) and remembered they also had teacher pencils so I ordered a pack of those.

This diy was super easy and can be customized in so many ways. Target didn't have many letter options but I know Hobby Lobby has a ton with different fonts and colors, you can even order personalized vinyl ones off Etsy! Or if you have a circuit you can make your own. I also found a few different apples off amazon. For the tag, I just hole punched white card stock, added the sticker and tied it to the apple.

My favorite part about any gift is the wrapping! My go to for topping any gift lately is this cute chunky yarn, another Hobby Lobby find and look at that personalized pencil, it worked out perfectly!

If you love this DIY please pin to Pinterest and if you happen to make your own version rememberer to tag us on instagram, @alittlejandk, we would love to see.

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