Wednesday, December 4, 2019

big girl gift guide

Jules is seven now and knows exactly what she wants, anything and everything PINK! She is still L.O.L obsessed, loves unicorns and is into playing board games. Then she has the big seven year old girl side that wants scrunchies to wear on her wrist, and a gold necklace with her name on it.

cape / The perfect accessory for the girls talent shows and all the princess dress up's we have over here. But also, how pretty would this look hung up in their room?

beret / she wanted a pink Paris hat. She has been obsessed with Paris since watching Fancy Nancy. Found this one on amazon at a killer price! Getting her a few different colors.

camera / This is just amazing! If you have one of the smaller Polaroid cameras you know your kid waste a ton of expensive film on blurry, dark, cut off photos. This camera is what all us moms have been praying for. It's a camera and a printer. You get to pick which pictures to print. Genius. If the photo came out blurry or dark just delete it, and try again. No more wasted film! You can also add borders, filters, stickers and it connects to your phone!

unicorn nightlight / Jules is so scared of the dark. She has a nightlight in the room now but this is something that doesn't have cords, so she can fall asleep with it right next to her which I think she will really love. Plus it's a unicorn, major win. 

lol furniture set / I think I love these as much as Jules. Santa brought her a doll house two years ago and it has turned into the L.O.L house. These little furniture pieces will fit in so perfectly.

tie dye sweatshirt / She is all about tie dye lately. This one with the pink was a must!

pretty pretty princess game / Probably totally aging myself but who else loved this game as a kid? My sister and I loved this game.

connect four / How cute is this pink version?

glitter purse / Love this one and I'm so sad I can't link it because it's sold out.  Definitely try checking in store at Cotton On. Here is something similar. Also really love this one.

ugg slippers / Another cute pink find!

scrunchies / The first thing she added to her Christmas list were scrunchies!

gold necklace / I just love that she wants this! She is always reminding me to wear my necklaces and loves to read what they say. I found the cutest shop on Etsy that makes some really cute kid jewelry. They even make matching mommy and me bracelets and the dantiest initial stacking rings that I'm adding to my gift guide!

puppy / Okay, so the puppy. She took us by surprise a few months ago when she told us she was asking Santa for a red headed puppy and to top it off she already had the cutest name picked out! Is that not the cutest thing ever? We already knew we wanted to get another dog but weren't planning on getting one until we moved next summer. I have tried to talk her out of it and even said that Santa might not think it's a good idea. She seemed okay and understanding but when I asked her what the second thing on her list was she said a dog bed, third on the list were doggie bowls! Then one day she said she would just ask for a stuffed animal that looks like the dog she wants. Cool. Then she broke down crying saying that she really wanted a puppy and has been secretly asking Santa since last Christmas. Call us SOFTIES! But she's the best big sister, the easiest child on the earth, really what difference does a few months make and how magical would is be to give her a puppy on Christmas morning!? If things work out and the puppy we love (and have fallen in love with),  is in the clear to fly,  Jules, Kourt and Jacks will be getting the biggest Christmas surprise ever!

more good stuff and a ton of great sales...

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