Wednesday, December 4, 2019

little girl gift guide

 I love shopping for four year olds. Kourt is at such a fun age and loves all things girly. She is makeup obsessed and lives for dressing up. Give the girl a tutu, some heels and a lipstick and she's set! 

cape / I saw this and instantly thought of Elsa! she's is her current favorite princess.

peppa pig toy / my kids are Peppa pig obsessed. All three of them (2,4&7 years old) can sit and play together for a long while. We still have pieces Jules got when she was Kourt's age so they have a pretty big little Peppa city to enjoy!

microphone / "introducing, Kourtney Jay!" is what I hear all day long. She loves putting on performances, singing and dancing, and making all of us laugh. The best part about this is it's a pretend microphone that looks pretty and won't give us a headache! WIN

shoes / How cute are these? I was scrolling online, she saw them and asked me to tell her grandma she wants these for Christmas.

singing unicorn / Jules got this for her birthday so it's only fair Kourt gets one too. I just realized they come in different colors too! Her favorite color is purple and sparkle so she's getting the purple one.

sleeping bag / Obsessed with this and you can personalize it!

ring / One of the most asked questions I get daily is where I get Juliannes rings. She asked her daddy for a real ring about two years ago. He got her one for Christmas, got on one knee and did the whole thing. It was the cutest thing EVER! Kourt is always asking to wear my engagement ring so I think this is the perfect year for her daddy to gift her her very own big girl ring.

chalkboard laptop / Another item that I think all the kids would enjoy. Jules and Kourt are into playing school and always do work on their "laptops" (books they grab and open up).

picnic basket / Perfect for the the girls tea parties and a pretty place to store the tea set their grandma is buying them this Christmas.

Minnie Mouse purse / a Disney must have! This purse comes in a ton of different colors. I will probably grab Jules one too because it just so cute.

elsa vanity / I get my kids one obnoxious toy each Christmas. This is hers. haha Its an eye sore and we have no room for this but she asked Santa for it and I just can't say no.

glittery slippers / these are already sold out but love these unicorn ones too!

more things Kourt put on her list and a few things she already has and loves.

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