Thursday, December 5, 2019

mommy gift guide

After I put this together I realized I basically put together not of my typical "momiforms". This is something you can find me wearing almost daily. 

sweater / I am in love with this color combo! They have so many cute ones that are on sale right now! linking all my favorites below.

Shoes / I've bought this exact shoe for myself three times over the past four years now. I love it so much that  I have gifted a pair to all my family members. They're that good! This is the shoe I wear almost every single day, they are so comfortable, perfect for walking at Disneyland, working out, running everyday errands, everything. I wanted to switch it up and grab the black leopard version but chickened out and went with my normal all black pair. They have quite a few colors. Love the black and leopard but love the army green color too. 

clutch / This was my birthday gift to myself and love it. You are able to get it monogrammed which I think is the cutest little touch. It has enough room for quite a few cards, a little coin pocket plus my phone, keys, hand sanitizer, chapstick all fit in it. I usually just pull this out of the diaper bag and use it as my purse when I'm out without the kids. It makes the perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays.

curling iron / Am I the only one that has that one old, curling iron that you've saved for years because it's the only thing that works for your hair? I have a super old Conair curling iron that is hanging on for dear life but it's the only thing that works. I'm in desperate need of a new one and really want to try this one. I've heard so many wonderful things about this wand from people I know and reviews I've read. Plus I like that you can interchange that wands to different sizes and styles.

beanie / Another mommy staple. I live in baseball caps and beanies.

slippers / How cute are these!? Plus the leopard? sold! Out of everything on my list this is what I want the most.

Label maker / Not sure how I don't own one of these yet but I need. I love the look of these labels and plan on using them for crafts and adding names to gifts. You can see all the cute ways to use them on the product photos. So fun.

Leggings / Don't know what rock I've been living under but I recently bought my first pair of workout leggings and omg so good. I usually just wear regular, cheap, stretchy, leggings. I love the look of these and how you can dress them up or down. This is another item Ive heard good things about and really wanted to try them.

house numbers / Need. Plus the price is amazing.

more sweaters that are long enough to wear with leggings plus all the cute mommy things

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