Wednesday, December 4, 2019

toddler boy gift guide

I'm still in that, what do I buy a boy when all I know are girls, slump. I have the hardest time finding things that I love, stuff that doesn't just turn into junk. My favorite kind of toy to buy my girls are pieces that they can save for their kids, like their knitted Cuddle and Kind animals, wooden doll house with the cutest dainty accessories and their American girl doll babies. Maybe Jacks won't care when he's older but I wanted to try and find him a piece or two that I could save for him, plus a few things that would last him a few years and of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without some Toy Story. 

Mickey Jacket / saw this in the Disney Store and loved it! We are big Disney people and it's hard finding simple, neutral pieces for little boys. If you can't tell by the collage I'm not too big on color for Jacks. They also have a matching dad jacket, that would be so cute! We also have this Mickey jean jacket and love it too!

wooden cars / pricy? yes! But totally worth it to me. This is one of those quality pieces that I was looking for! I think they are so cute and would be adorable to add more here and there on birthdays and holidays. He loves cars so I know he is going to love these plus they'll look so cute sitting lined up on a shelf. I will be starting his collection with just two this Christmas. 

road / another investment piece that he can use for years to come. I stumbled upon these on someones instagram. The little boy had them laid out on his bed and down the ground. The way they work is genius! Love that you can arrange them on different surfaces, including outside in the dirt (boys), in the bathtub and even the grass. I also like that you can wash them, simple for a two year old to assemble and that you can put them away in a box! Perfect for small home living and staying organized. I'm also thinking they would be fun to pack a few pieces in a diaper bag for restaurant entertainment. 

Ham piggy bank / We went to my friends salon and she had a pink piggy bank on her shelf.  He was obsessed and played with it the entire time we were there and screamed when he couldn't bring it home. It was a normal pink pig and he kept calling it Ham! His love for Toy Story is fierce. This is something he is going to LOVE! 

Vans / I always do a pair of shoes for Christmas. He is in desperate need of new ones and these check vans go with everything.  No one warned me that boys feet grow so fast. He is already in the same size shoe as Kourt. She's 4!

Lego storage / Okay, this is so cool! It is a giant Lego that opens up and you can store legos in, or whatever you want really. they come in different Lego shapes and colors and can be stacked just like real legos! He is just getting into the super tiny Lego's and begs for the little bags the Target checkout. When I asked you moms what little boys love you all said Legos. I have a feeling we will be getting good use out of these storage containers for a while. 

Mickey Lego / Isn't this so cute? It's a, My First Mickey Build. 

Buzz command center / Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without this big, obnoxious toy! He has cried a few times at Target because I wouldn't buy this. Santa is going to be his best friend this year. 

Bike / I'm just in love with the look of this thing. It's totally Jacks! I especially love that it converts from having training wheels to a full on balance bike. I linked a few similar, less pricy ones below. 

Helmet / love the simplicity of this one. I'm going to be adding his name to the back of it with white block/varsity letters.

here are a few more things that we put on his list for family plus things he already has and loves.

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