Monday, March 23, 2020

Easter Basket roundup

My girls are all about pink, unicorns, glitter, and super into drawing. I started my Easter shopping, where I start every year, the bathing suits. I loved the two suits I got my girls so much. They are both so into the dye right now and anything pink will always be a winner in their eyes. With everything that is going on in the world right now I kinda over shopped. The guilt of not getting to spend Easter with our very large families got me and I tried to get as many fun toys and activities as I could. I also shopped at stores that guaranteed early shipping. My biggest fear was having shipping stop in a few weeks and not having any Easter goodies for the kids. Most of it is from Amazon and will be getting here in three days. yay! I had the hardest time finding LOL dolls that would get there by easter but ended up getting some from Walmart. I normally don't do the cutesy baskets and tend to get something that I can reuse somewhere in my house but again, that guilt got me, so I threw that right out the window when I saw these coordinating bunnies. I need all the fun, cute, colorful things that my kids will get super excited about and I think they're going to love these! They are big into coloring and drawing right now and we need all the fun ideas to do outside so when I stumbled upon those unicorn kites I had to have them. I also had to have those roll on, scented lip glosses! Who else remembers having those as kids?


Jacks is so easy too! typical boy and SUPER into jets, drawing Mickey Mouse heads, space, and anything that flies. I have such a hard time finding boy swim trunks that I love and was so excited when I stumbled upon these. I ended up getting him two prints since they were buy one get one 50% off. Got him all the cute Jet things like that remote control Jett from one of his favorite shows, Super Wings. He is going to go crazy over that jet kite. He is always fighting with his sisters over their binoculars so I'm super excited to give him his very own pair. My favorite thing is probably that drawing book/pad. It has magnets, a dry erase board and is perfect for on the go. It's going to be so perfect since he is always carrying around his paper and marker everywhere.

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